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2017-09-09 12:38:24 UTC  

There's a strain of Arizona and Jericho lettuce that does well in high heat. Yours looks great.

2017-09-09 12:40:20 UTC  

Thanks man, I've gotten pretty lucky. It's been overcast about 3 days out of the week every week for about 2 months.

2017-09-09 12:40:44 UTC  

Aquaponics is stupid easy. I highly recommend it. Just feed the fish every 2-3 days

2017-09-09 12:41:51 UTC  

Fish? There are fish involved?

2017-09-09 12:44:43 UTC  

Aquaponics is aquaculture+hydroponics.

2017-09-09 12:44:54 UTC  

Fish poop fertilizes the plants.

2017-09-09 12:49:17 UTC  

Ah cool I had no idea

2017-09-09 12:50:36 UTC  

Look into it. Mine is big and semi-permanent, but you can make a little one with a 2 gallon fish bowl.

2017-09-09 13:32:24 UTC  

Will do. Sounds intriguing.

2017-09-09 16:59:21 UTC  

You should switch to no till organic anyway

2017-09-09 17:31:12 UTC  

When I buy some property, I want to do hugelkultur

2017-09-09 17:32:04 UTC

2017-09-09 17:33:15 UTC  

You don't need a tree. You can just get a huge pile of green wood chips. A place by my house has a 20 ft pile for free. They're low quality for landscaping, but perfect for composting.

2017-09-09 20:22:31 UTC  

Nice!! Anyone here read "teaming with microbes"

2017-09-09 20:24:25 UTC  

If not then I highly recommend it

2017-09-10 15:03:26 UTC  
2017-09-10 15:04:04 UTC  

This guy does good introductory level hydroponics videos, if anyone's interested

2017-09-10 16:37:34 UTC  

Go no till

2017-09-10 16:47:36 UTC  

What exactly do you mean by this?

2017-09-10 17:02:59 UTC  

You don't till the soil. Instead you focus on keeping the soil life healthy(from insects, to bacteria, to fungi, nematodes, etc)

2017-09-10 17:05:04 UTC  

Basically healthy soil life will make anything and everything your plants need, so instead of administering what you think your plants need, they instead have an entire nutrient buffet in the soil that they can draw from as they need it

2017-09-10 17:06:13 UTC  

It involves learning about the soil food web and understanding the different rolls of the microlife

2017-09-10 17:07:00 UTC  

Basically everything you do will be to support that life rather doing what you think your plants nees

2017-09-10 17:07:03 UTC  


2017-09-10 17:07:27 UTC  

I do green fertilizer in my traditional garden. I've been thinking about all that, but I'm moving soon, so I'm not sure that it's worth it.

2017-09-10 17:08:11 UTC  

Start it up at your new place

2017-09-10 17:09:24 UTC  

And read "teaming with microbes" by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis

2017-09-10 17:09:52 UTC  

The whole system can be used indoors as well

2017-09-10 17:12:11 UTC  

Regardless always go soil over hydro, unless you're in space, even then that's debatable

2017-09-10 17:42:14 UTC  

I just like hydro and aquaponics for the technical aspects. It helps to soothe my Autism.

2017-09-10 17:46:53 UTC  

Haha gotcha

2017-09-24 18:01:51 UTC  

@Why Tea that's a clever set up to protect your cantaloupe

2017-09-24 18:08:53 UTC  

It worked great! Another round of 'em ripened too so I got to re-use that cage.

2017-09-26 02:57:18 UTC  

Have a small backyard garden. Had a bad year for the most part. But want to grow cotton, just a few for the heck of it and was done here by original settlers, so should grow. Ordered seeds twice online, but I think they were duds.Nothing even came up. Anyway, tips on time of year or anything. Never seen a cotton field and fascinated by it, especially being a Southerner.

2017-09-26 02:58:48 UTC  

Take that back. Did see cotton fields on way back from Virginia, but they were in flower stage so doesn't count!

2017-09-29 11:54:02 UTC  

How did you prepare the seeds (if at all) and what care did you provide right after planting?

2017-10-01 16:32:52 UTC  


2017-10-01 17:26:02 UTC  

@Why Tea No prep of seeds. Just planted as instructed and watered immediately after. Kept moist through the days. Nothing ever grew.

2017-10-01 17:26:58 UTC  

Well that sucks. I've certainly had bad luck sometimes with seeds that just did nothing.

2017-10-01 17:27:25 UTC  

Looks like a tiny plant that subverts and takes over your whole garden.

2017-10-01 17:27:38 UTC  

For some plants we always buy seedlings or young plants, just to avoid the hassle/risk, despite the extra cost.