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2017-08-28 20:03:26 UTC  

@Louis Loire - NY absolutely!

2017-08-28 21:20:00 UTC  

I'm trying to find a cheap small bag guys can buy without sweating it. Any ideas on what we need in them? So far:
2x large gauze
1x tourniquet
1x bottle of saline
1x bottle of pepper spray remedy
5x 4x4 gauze
1x coban
1x tape
1x medical sheers
2x Cold packs
Sanitizer wipes
Alcohol preps
Anything else you guys can think of for first responders in the crowd?

2017-08-28 21:26:15 UTC  

I can tell you one thing, with the amount of pepper spray I had to treat at Cville, a lot of gauze is needed. I was using so much and I didn't even treat any bloody wounds.

2017-08-28 21:29:39 UTC  

ab pads or 5x9s work well for wiping off the solution and having a soaked pad to leave the patient

2017-08-28 21:41:49 UTC  

^ absolutely
4x4s and cut strips of 4" gauze rolls also worked well for me

2017-08-29 17:43:57 UTC  

Any doctors, PA's, RN's, or radiology professionals who would know enough about my calcaneus x-ray to tell me what it looks like to them?

2017-08-29 17:45:26 UTC  

@here ☝🏻

2017-08-29 17:45:36 UTC  

I'm horrified at what my surgeon told me today >.<

2017-08-29 18:14:13 UTC  

The surgeon will know more than me and most here so id recommend listening to your team

2017-08-29 18:38:28 UTC  

Oh I am for sure, he just made it sound like I'm doomed if I don't do this or this or this, etc

2017-08-29 18:39:15 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL what did he say? If you're comfortable sharing.

2017-08-29 18:40:41 UTC  

He might be saying avoiding surgery will lead to futher complications and permanent injury

2017-08-29 18:41:01 UTC  

I'd do the surgery avoid future pain

2017-08-29 18:41:47 UTC  

basically that.

2017-08-29 18:43:01 UTC  

Yeah I'd do the surgery its not worth trying to avoid it esp if the bone damage is bad

2017-08-29 18:43:15 UTC  

my calcaneus is broken all the way through, that much is really obvious from the x-rays. and since my ER visit, it's spreading further apart due to achilles tendon pulling on it. so now there's a sharp edge from the fracture poking up into the ankle joint, which will cause traumatic arthritis if I don't get surgery, he said

2017-08-29 18:43:44 UTC  

I cracked my hip when I was 18 and didn't get the recommended surgery wish I did thing still hurts sometimes

2017-08-29 18:44:23 UTC  

Yeah get the surgery that injury sounds like it will only get worse

2017-08-29 18:44:32 UTC  

Not something to fuck with

2017-08-29 18:44:34 UTC  

my foot is super swollen right now, with some pitting he can't do the surgery for a few weeks until that goes away

2017-08-29 18:44:57 UTC  

Untill then obey all directions given

2017-08-29 18:45:22 UTC  

so ya basically, I'm confined to my bed with my foot elevated above my heart. and bored watching movies lol

2017-08-29 18:52:49 UTC  

If you're gonna be in the rwds, you have to be able to use your feet😂

2017-08-29 18:53:55 UTC  

I guess my concern outright is that since it's worker's comp, I've been told sometimes doctors dealing with worker's comp cases basically just do what the worker's comp ins people tell them to do b/c it's such a pain in the ass for them to fight for what SHOULD be done

2017-08-29 20:19:14 UTC  

Have any of you looked into using x-rays for wound treatment

2017-08-29 20:19:40 UTC  

It would be very valuable in a situation where antibiotics were difficult to obtain

2017-08-29 20:20:53 UTC  

I would think that if antibiotics were difficult to obtain, x-rays would be even moreso.

2017-08-29 20:21:40 UTC  

No all u need is a battery

2017-08-29 20:22:12 UTC  

A small solar panel could obtain charge for a dozen or more treatments a day and a battery could hold hundreds

2017-08-29 20:22:38 UTC  

Small x Ray generators exist about the size of a large smartphone

2017-08-29 20:23:09 UTC  

You only need 50kV or less for surface treatments

2017-08-30 07:14:20 UTC  

@Deleted User , Spencer & co will be at the University of Florida on September 12.

2017-08-30 07:18:17 UTC  

@Deleted User looking forward to seeing y'all again! I'll be there, and I'm assembling a Florida EMS squad. Hopefully less pepper spray and more cops doing their job this time

2017-09-01 01:07:13 UTC  

Really looking forward to medical lessons. I'm sure IE has at least a couple nurses, or perhaps a doctor to teach us

2017-09-01 01:10:24 UTC  

I'm typing up the how to deal with defensive sprays guide right now. Hopefully I'll have it done tonight. The most common medical issue we seemingly have to deal with at events right now is getting pepper sprayed, so really, everyone should be prepared to know how to deal with it

2017-09-01 02:51:15 UTC  

Here's a lesson, if you're ever feeling soft on the euthanasia question, do a ride along on an ambulance. It's been a rough night.

2017-09-01 21:13:35 UTC  

Ugh. Sorry brother

2017-09-01 21:20:02 UTC  

Here's my "how to" guide of how to manage a patient who has been pepper sprayed, tear gassed, or sprayed with household cleaning products.
Feel free to post in <#339425301434204170>, if you have the permission to do so.

2017-09-01 21:20:46 UTC  

May someone repost that in PDF format

2017-09-01 21:20:58 UTC  

Google docs tracks you

2017-09-01 21:45:32 UTC  

@Erika Thank you for this very good information