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2017-08-20 03:15:06 UTC  

This type of thing can turn chronic if not careful. Baby it a bit for a month, do lower impact things like Chuck saying, then start back gently.

2017-08-20 03:30:26 UTC  

I feel like all I've done are low impact things. I'm lucky enough my grandparents have a pool but I find it disappointing that the moment start making plans to run this happens

2017-08-20 03:32:00 UTC  

Work on your upper body with weights. Maybe lower body 10 days. If this turns permanent (like almost happened to me) it will cause you years of misery and sleepless nights.

2017-08-20 03:33:44 UTC  

I've got RLS so sleepless nights are the norm. How long should I take to work my way down to using minimalist shoes so this doesn't happen again?

2017-08-20 03:36:39 UTC  

some would say that shoes are the problem, and that barefooting is best. Some claim FiveFingers shoes are bad, some say they are good. For now, I'd recommend getting those Spenco Inserts inside normal shoes, and getting lots of massage, stretching, IBU, ice, and rest. Then try the duct-tape sock mocassins on pea gravel. This can take months or years to heal. Buy a better bicycle.

2017-08-20 03:38:46 UTC  

What is pea gravel? I'm not really looking at months to fix this am I? Like one day of walking around Cville couldn't have ruined my tendon?

2017-08-20 03:40:02 UTC  

Pea gravel is rounded small gravel. It is found in some driveways. It is not the crushed gravel you usually see, and it moves around and never really forms a solid surface.

2017-08-20 03:41:25 UTC  

I injured my shoulder once in a rodeo. I did not listen to my doctor, and took off the brace and started catching baseballs before I should have. By not following my doctor's orders, the injury went on a long time. Go see a doctor, and I think he'd agree that a month off is what you need.

2017-08-20 03:41:41 UTC  

I've heard since it was an unusual amount of stress that I don't normally have it may heal quickly

2017-08-20 03:41:50 UTC  

I'm fine with taking a month easy

2017-08-20 03:42:05 UTC  

But if this last years I may as well just give up entirely

2017-08-20 03:43:41 UTC  

A month of swimming or bicyclling, and upper-body lift is not giving up. I bet you're a long-distance fag, and like most of those you need the upper body workout anyway.

2017-08-20 03:44:41 UTC  

I used to be a runner, too. Sorry if I my specualtions were wrong or insulting, it was meant to be funny.

2017-08-20 03:45:34 UTC  

My best Two-Mile run was 11:02. I'm still pretty pround of it.

2017-08-20 03:45:53 UTC  

Proud, I meant.

2017-08-20 03:46:19 UTC  

I'm trying to get into long distance and free running

2017-08-20 03:47:10 UTC  

And I never even got to run in my transitional shoes and my foot is already messed up

2017-08-20 03:51:48 UTC  

Some blame shoes for mankind's physical problems. I can't stand barefooting, personally. After 14 days of rest, you might try hiking. And you should look into the arcane theory of "grounding." -Which involves hiking in mocassins. SEE

2017-08-20 03:52:36 UTC  

Is hiking really the best option since that's pretty much the cause of this?

2017-08-20 03:53:13 UTC  

I've always felt unnatural in big shoes but my mother always forced me to wear them.

2017-08-20 03:53:57 UTC  

Good question. I like hiking, and never had the same problems from that as running. "Earthing" with moccasins gets your foot bones and muscles a little work-out.

2017-08-20 03:55:38 UTC  

I'd be up for something like that once it doesn't hurt to walk anymore. Unfortunately I can't get out of my long work shifts

2017-08-20 03:56:50 UTC  

My podiatrist taught me how to tape my feet, and ordered 500 dollar inserts. I'd suggett Spenco Total Support insoles, which are less than 30 bucks:

2017-08-26 17:26:44 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada Night splints worked wonders for my plantar fasciitis. I only had to wear them a few nights and it was gone, after weeks of pain.

2017-08-26 17:47:54 UTC  

Do you know where I can get one?

2017-08-27 00:23:59 UTC  

Walgreens or cvs

2017-08-27 00:24:02 UTC  


2017-08-27 00:27:41 UTC  

This is one I like the best. Got at Walgreens

2017-08-27 01:33:14 UTC  

Anyone online?

2017-08-27 01:33:41 UTC  

What's up brother?

2017-08-27 01:34:56 UTC  

I got a swollen bee sting. Should I just wait it out, or do something about it?

2017-08-27 01:36:12 UTC  

Not particularly painful, but annoying to walk with because it's on my foot

2017-08-27 01:38:45 UTC  

How bad is the swelling? I assume you're not allergic

2017-08-27 01:44:09 UTC  

@Helbrecht - WA The side of my foot has noticeably grown, though I can still put shoes on.

2017-08-27 01:44:32 UTC  

Not allergic

2017-08-27 01:46:25 UTC  

Benadryl would be best. It'll slow down and stop anything that could be going on. And if you know where exactly the bee sting is a baking soda and water paste on it will draw out the bees venom which will help a lot too

2017-08-27 01:47:14 UTC  

As long as your whole foot isn't swelling up and you're not having other symptoms it's nothing to be too worried about 😃

2017-08-27 01:48:56 UTC  

@Helbrecht - WA Thank you

2017-08-27 01:49:24 UTC  

No problem!

2017-08-27 02:09:03 UTC  

Aye and ice and elevation can't hurt either