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Jack you want a gas mask with a nato filter will be easier to find replacements plus its a far better mask

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@here Hey guys I have a question and I was wondering if you guys could help. My dad isn't well and I'm not sure how serious it is or if he should see a doctor. He had been working all morning and was finishing up when he was suddenly struck with extremely intense dizziness. He couldn't even stand up. He had been absolutely fine before then. Thinking it might be really low blood sugar (it was 2 pm and he hadn't eaten since the day before) my mom made him drink some juice. After about 20 minutes he made it inside but only with my moms help. He said he was really tired and laid down and then immediately started violently throwing up. He said he was cold and then fell into a really deep sleep and has been sleeping for awhile now. He's a big tough guy so this is very strange for him. Obviously google is no help and I'm really worried. Any ideas what it could be or what steps we can take? Any signs of it being serious? Sorry for the length, just trying to be as detailed as I can...

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Could it be heat related? It looks like some of the symptoms are related to heat exhaustion/stroke. I'm not an expert but in my opinion it wouldn't hurt to contact a doctor and see what they think.

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I thought that, but it was really abnormally cool outside. He works outside all the time in heat with no effect like this. You're probably right, it's just hard getting him to go to the doctor.

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Interesting. Well I hope you can get him checked out and everything is alright!

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Thanks, @Ike#5340 🙂

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Bring him to the drs

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Sounds like a case of vertigo

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Could be from a number of causes but best not to take any chances with an older person

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@Leah - VA take him to ER now

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That's very concerning for cardiac

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Rule of thumb is any condition that dose not improve with time should be taken seriously

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@Leah - VA when you can, please confirm you got that. Feel free to dm any further questions if you want.

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Thank you both so much. You've really helped so much and I've passed it all on to my parents.

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Thank you @Deleted User for notification btw

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@Deleted User @Louis Loire - NY haha no thank you guys for the quick response! It's like our own little virtual 911 lol

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👨‍⚕️ 🚒

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Any time, that shits scary

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About a week ago I turned my ankle on a rock while hiking. The outer park of my foot banged into another rock. For the last week it has hurt to walk. The weird thing is there are no bruises or swelling. The pain is mostly local but occassionally I will have some shooting pain in my foot. Do anyone have any idea what's wrong?

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Should have iced and heated it as soon as this happened

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Might want to try an ace bandage

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You hyper extend the ligaments and tendons in your ankle. It'll take about a month or two to stop hurting. Your ankle will always be easier to roll from now on though. If it's not swelling, no need to really elevate or ice. Just stay off of it as much as possible and let it heal.

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Take some ibuprofen as needed. Don't exceed 1600 mg a day, can cause gastrointestinal problems.

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@Deleted User thanks. I think I should have specified the pain is related to the outer part of my foot i banged on the rock rather than my ankle itself. Not sure if that changes your thoughts

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Probably just a bone bruise then, should heal in the same amount of time.

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Bruise with some nerve impingement

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Rest, ice twice per day, if sitting keep.elevated if possible

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Some nsaid as well ok, ibuprofen 800 three times a day or naproxen 500 twice per day. Always with food.

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If not significantly better in 4-6 weeks get xray

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First study demonstrating this is live humans

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Is the soy boy thing a meme, or does it actually make you a faggot?

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I'm surprised how many things contain soy

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Valid question, daily stormer had an article a while back praising soy

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@Deleted User I know there was a guy who started drinking Soylent exclusively a few years ago, next thing you know, he cuts off his wee wee and grows his hair out.

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Soy decreases testosterone