Message from Louis Loire - NY in MacGuyver - Skills & Academics #cooking

2017-07-24 20:32:35 UTC

2017-07-24 20:33:52 UTC  

How have no women posted in here yet?

2017-07-24 20:34:25 UTC  

Also, your bread looks so light and airy. I'm jealous. I'm still trying to get the hang of baking

2017-07-24 20:35:21 UTC  

@Erika haha we just opened the server 30 mins ago

2017-07-24 20:35:32 UTC  

@Erika It's all in the technique... recipes don't help much unless you understand how bread works (kneading, proofing, gluten development, fermentation, etc.)

2017-07-24 20:35:47 UTC  

Roast cumin and paprika chicken, y'alllllll 👩🏼‍🍳

2017-07-24 20:35:56 UTC  

Man that looks incredible

2017-07-24 20:38:30 UTC  

This nigg at my work pronounces carbs curbs

2017-07-24 20:38:51 UTC  

(oven react)

2017-07-24 20:39:00 UTC  

@Deleted User excuses lol

2017-07-24 20:39:57 UTC  

@Marlow thank you! yeah, I haven't gotten the hang of all of that. I'm more of a savory food cook. Oddly enough, the only thing I can bake like a pro are French macarons.

2017-07-24 20:40:47 UTC  

@Erika this is kind of what I'm talking about

2017-07-24 20:41:24 UTC  

@Alexander B. - SC I had no idea. breddy cool

2017-07-24 20:41:39 UTC  

this video goes over some of these principles, if you REALLY want to get into bread baking I highly recommend this book

2017-07-24 20:42:04 UTC  

if anyone is into fermentation I've recently gotten into that. I've made a few batches of sauerkraut and kimchi with my 10L crock

2017-07-24 20:42:27 UTC  

I want to get into bread baking, but I also don't want to weigh 200lbs and live in a constant state of carb coma. The struggle is real.

2017-07-24 20:43:00 UTC  

@Marlow do you bake using sourdough bread?

2017-07-24 20:43:02 UTC  

I know what you mean.... luckily it's prohibitively complex enough to the point where I only bake a loaf every two weeks or so

2017-07-24 20:43:16 UTC  

@Marius yes, please. Share your recipes for fermentation. I love all fermented and/or pickled veggies.

2017-07-24 20:43:26 UTC  

yeah bordelaise is like a mild sourdough, you use a bit of your own sourdough starter, not as much as you would in a true sourdough

2017-07-24 20:50:13 UTC

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2017-07-24 20:50:22 UTC  

Some bread I made just a peasant loaf

2017-07-24 20:50:41 UTC  


2017-07-24 20:51:36 UTC  

Just made some fajitas for dinner this is why we don't need muh ethnic food we have recipes

2017-07-24 20:51:42 UTC

2017-07-24 20:52:00 UTC  

The best food is European anyway

2017-07-24 20:52:08 UTC  

Sorry not sorry

2017-07-24 20:52:15 UTC  

asian food's pretty good, tho

2017-07-24 20:52:24 UTC  

Anyone like Thai food?

2017-07-24 20:52:36 UTC  

My wife and I love it... also indian food

2017-07-24 20:52:52 UTC  

Very fond of Indian food

2017-07-24 20:53:07 UTC  

basically if you're going to make anything vegan taste good, you're going to need to look into Indian and Asian techniques and flavors

2017-07-24 20:53:31 UTC  

Should rename this channel #foodporn

2017-07-24 20:53:34 UTC  

thai food is great and healthy

2017-07-24 20:53:40 UTC  

but Euro food is best by far

2017-07-24 20:53:55 UTC  

I'll post my recipe for a fish head tom yum coconut soup. Sooo good

2017-07-24 20:54:34 UTC  

that sounds fantastic

2017-07-24 20:55:44 UTC  

@Louis Loire - NY for real. My grandma taught me a lot of Polish recipes. Some nights I just have to have a Polish meal of latkes, golabki, pierogies, and kielbasa.

2017-07-24 20:57:36 UTC  

simple Euro recipes require excellent ingredients that is the only thing that can be hard

2017-07-24 20:58:15 UTC  

Exactly. It's mostly peasant food. I think the simplicity of Euro food is what makes it so good.