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Fashion and Identitarian-on tips here

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Are you worthy of The Golden One's personal line?

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Appreciate the honesty XD

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These boots are expensive but mine lasted through 6 years of daily wear from Illinois to South Carolina, up state New York, and Guam. I still wear them to work now but they should probably be retired soon as the soles are starting to crack.

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Oh and I should mention I regularly polished them. Very Regularly! They won't last half that time if you don't take care of the leather.

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@Argument of Perigee if I could look like his gloriousness...if only

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Salomons seem to be a better deal than those navy boots, especially with all the bad reviews those ones are getting. Redwings are also really good workboots if you need steeltoe, costs about the same and you can get the soles replaced as needed.

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I know a guy who has 2 pairs of Red Wings, wears the sole out if one, gets it re-soled and wears the other one. He's been doing that with the same pair for 10 years. Has probably spent ~$1300 over those years on boots

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For boots, go with Red Wing. Great quality, made in America, classic style

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$1100 Invicta watch picked up on sale new for $158. Did I win at FASHion?

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I used to have a pair of Corcoran 10" side zips. Polished everyday. Eventually had to let go of the Mohawk and grow up. Lol. Miss those boots. Used them as work boosts for a long time after they are beat to shit.

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Corcoran and Double H brand jump boots are the nicest. Toss on a coat of parade gloss shoe polish and you are in business.

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I wore some Volcom Smithingtons for 4-5 years. Now I'm in these timberlands

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Justin boots are the shit. I have 2 pair I've been rotating out for about 10 years.

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@Valaska that's not a boot. That's a high top