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2018-02-23 22:00:16 UTC  

Justin boots are the shit. I have 2 pair I've been rotating out for about 10 years.

2018-02-23 22:00:56 UTC  

@Valaska that's not a boot. That's a high top

2018-02-23 22:01:44 UTC  

No shit kicking in those things haha

2018-02-23 22:01:52 UTC  

I'm just fucking with you

2018-02-23 22:02:10 UTC  

These BOOTS have seen some action!

2018-02-23 22:02:50 UTC  

Haha I'm a farm boy, so boots to me have a heel

2018-02-23 22:02:50 UTC  

Are Justin boots like work boots? I think my buddy has a pair of them

2018-02-23 22:03:27 UTC  

Work and casual. More along the lines of "cowboy" boots

2018-02-23 22:04:26 UTC  

I could have sworn they're justin, because that's his name... they're his prized possession

2018-02-23 22:04:43 UTC  

If you don't actually live on a ranch and you're worried about what it looks like, you can get Justin's without the cowboy stitching and they're nice.

2018-02-23 22:05:25 UTC  

Justin makes some red wing style boots too.

2018-02-23 22:07:16 UTC  

I got a pair of Rocky boots last year, I spend a lot of time on a ladder and these Rocky have a metal plate in the sole where your foot would sit on a ladder. Oh man no more sore feet. Nice boots too. Kind of cheap too, like $125

2018-02-23 22:09:28 UTC  

I had some rockys back in the day.

2018-02-23 22:10:07 UTC  

Any experience with waterproofing boots ?

2018-02-23 22:10:37 UTC  

My feet have been constantly wet since it snowed in these timberlands

2018-02-23 22:11:18 UTC  

I like that they make boots that fit the job your doing.
Every boot I wear is waterproof. Never really had to do anything to them.

2018-02-23 22:11:53 UTC  

I bet there are some red necks on here who have experience with that haha

2018-02-23 22:12:36 UTC  

I wish I had gotten another pair of volcoms.

2018-02-23 22:13:04 UTC  

They make boots?

2018-02-23 22:13:32 UTC  

Yeah. Best boots I've ever owned

2018-02-23 22:13:54 UTC  

Wore them for work casual hiking everything

2018-02-23 22:14:03 UTC  

Oh wow, I didn't know that.

2018-02-23 22:15:00 UTC  

Pretty good sole on them? I tend to wear it out quick.

2018-02-23 22:15:08 UTC  

They're a little dressy like my timberlands but tuff as shit

2018-02-23 22:15:12 UTC

2018-02-23 22:15:51 UTC  

Oh crazy. When I think volcom I think skate shoes

2018-02-23 22:20:23 UTC  

Flexfit hats are the best hats ever made, I swear by them. I've been wearing the same hat every single day since June 2001

2018-02-23 22:21:30 UTC  

Am I /highfashion/?

2018-02-23 22:22:03 UTC  

Yes @John O - you are high fashion

2018-02-23 22:22:16 UTC

2018-02-23 22:22:20 UTC  

Am I a high class hoe?

2018-02-23 22:23:03 UTC  

For sure, classy

2018-02-23 22:23:12 UTC  

@RevStench Excellent use of portrait, btw

2018-02-23 22:23:22 UTC  

V high class

2018-02-23 22:23:36 UTC  

Haha I try

2018-02-24 01:51:47 UTC  

What's that boot company out of Arkansas that's HIGH fash?

2018-02-24 01:52:02 UTC  

I know those don't usually go together...

2018-02-24 01:52:06 UTC  

Starts with an F

2018-02-24 02:40:50 UTC  

Am I a cute boy?

2018-02-24 16:02:36 UTC  

@micbwilli#9835 No

2018-02-24 16:04:03 UTC