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2018-04-23 01:21:32 UTC  

bomber jacket is that rare nowadays

2018-04-23 01:21:45 UTC

2018-04-23 01:21:51 UTC  

What about this?

2018-04-23 01:21:58 UTC  

>bomber jacket is larping but 'refined borgiouse' isn't

2018-04-23 01:22:06 UTC  

o k

2018-04-23 01:22:49 UTC  

Aren't we all literally middle class?

2018-04-23 01:23:06 UTC  

The vast majority of us I would say

2018-04-23 01:23:19 UTC  

How is that larping if we're the real thing lol

2018-04-23 01:24:12 UTC  

I don't like bomber jackets because they tend to be fairly bulky and present a rough aesthetic.

2018-04-23 01:24:22 UTC  

Cardigans are better.

2018-04-23 01:24:30 UTC  

They have a much slimmer fit and look sensible.

2018-04-23 01:25:00 UTC  

Refined bourgeois is a real larpy way to put it, when you just made an argument against larping. And yeah, I'm upper-middle class but work a blue collar job in Texas. I like the rough aesthetic. I've never been slim and therefore I'm not a big fan of the 'slim fit' look.

2018-04-23 01:25:34 UTC  

to each his own, goy, as long as u don't look like shit

2018-04-23 01:25:52 UTC  

Well, if you're bigger, then yeah it makes sense

2018-04-23 01:27:30 UTC  

A lot of people associate the 'slim' look with the soy crowd now a days, I don't think a bomber is necessarily rough like you might imagine 50's edgy highschoolers to be. As long as you can pull it off and still be classy, like you want to appear it should be fine.

2018-04-23 01:28:13 UTC  

I'll have to see it. 50's teenager isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of classy lol

2018-04-23 01:28:38 UTC  

I think the soyboy crowd is defined by the way they conduct themselves as opposed to how they dress

2018-04-23 01:28:39 UTC  

I mean 'rough' for that association.

2018-04-23 01:29:03 UTC  


2018-04-23 01:30:27 UTC  

That being said, a nice wool cardigan can really pull an outfit together, only getting in soy territory if you overdo it.

2018-04-23 01:31:08 UTC  

I've always thought of it as a kind of struggle between stoicism and affluence.

2018-04-23 01:31:38 UTC  

Like you respect yourself and others enough to put effort into your appearence, but you don't dress like a dandy 100% of the time.

2018-04-23 01:31:46 UTC  


2018-04-23 01:32:27 UTC  

I don't even own a bomber jacket, for the record. I just think some guys can really pull them off. For dress casual, I've always gone with polos or long sleeved shirts and a nice pair of jeans.

2018-04-23 01:32:39 UTC  

have never owned khakis or a cardigan

2018-04-23 05:13:35 UTC  

There was a right wing clothing company called RWDS, then they disappeared, then I found Western Outlands Supply Co. which had very similar designs, then THEY disappeared...and now The Right Brand - though this one has different designs. Could they be related? Do they get shut down by antifa and rebrand? Or is this all a coincidence?

2018-04-23 05:14:52 UTC  

C o i n c i d e n c e

2018-04-23 05:59:41 UTC  

RWDS shirts had a terrible fit. I'm skinny and tall, and my Rhodesia shirt fits like garbage

2018-04-23 22:47:55 UTC  

I got two shirts from RWDS. Cool designs but shirt material/fit was meh, yeah.

2018-04-24 01:16:10 UTC  

@wolfwood The Right Brand is one of our guys.

2018-04-24 01:16:20 UTC  

Meaning, in IE. I own two of their shirts

2018-04-24 01:21:58 UTC  

He should shill more often

2018-04-24 01:22:11 UTC  

No one would probably mind

2018-04-28 20:45:55 UTC  

Got my shirt from The Right Brand today. The material feels awesome and it fits perfectly. Better quality than stuff from RWDS. Very happy

2018-04-28 21:07:35 UTC  

Nice, dude. I was super pissed about my shitty RWDS Rhodesia shirt. I paid $27 buck and it was garbage. I'll get something from there later

2018-04-29 22:38:22 UTC  

Thinking about getting the fash cut, any reason why I shouldn't?

2018-04-30 17:05:50 UTC  

Would you be able to manage it frequently?

2018-04-30 17:06:29 UTC  

Hard parts don't last long, not to mention 1's don't take long to look messy. You'll have to get another cut in a week or so.

2018-04-30 18:21:06 UTC  

its not hard to do the cut yourself

2018-04-30 18:21:24 UTC  

I used to, before I started growing mine out

2018-04-30 18:22:41 UTC  

I get a trim once/month