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2018-08-31 01:18:50 UTC  

@Ben - OH thanks smooth

2018-08-31 01:19:24 UTC  

Also if anyone likes Oakleys I get a discount for being military gladly get u whatever u want at the discounted price

2018-08-31 01:35:46 UTC  

@Ben - OH how do you like it?

2018-08-31 01:36:52 UTC  

It looks great in the packaging 😂

2018-08-31 01:52:17 UTC  

Get it out and wash the wives car tomorrow!

2018-08-31 02:29:05 UTC  

Yeah, tell us what you think.

2018-09-02 23:38:36 UTC  

WAIT, you have a car just for all your wives? How many do you have?! @JesseJames

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2018-09-03 00:05:01 UTC  

I was actually talking to smooth he is the one with three.

2018-09-03 00:05:57 UTC  

Wew👀 I've got some catching up to do!

2018-09-03 00:06:02 UTC  

I'm working on #1

2018-09-03 14:38:47 UTC  

Looking at buying a washer/drier combo. Won’t buy LG or Samsung, I want to support whites. GE is based in Kentucky, but sold out to the Chinese, so I’m on the fence. Electrolux is a smaller manufacturer, Swedish, I’ll consider them. Bosch is very small in the washing machine market, is German. Whirlpool, all American and the world’s largest appliance manufacturer. That sounds good ...

2018-09-03 14:38:51 UTC

2018-09-03 14:39:41 UTC  

The FIRST to feature homosexual “families” in advertisements. Domestic partner benefits since 2002!

2018-09-03 14:39:46 UTC  

We have whirlpool combo. Works great.

2018-09-03 14:40:06 UTC  

idk about their politics though.

2018-09-03 14:40:52 UTC  

I feel like any large corp these days has taken the pozed route to advertising.

2018-09-03 14:40:58 UTC  

there are incentives to do so.

2018-09-03 14:41:12 UTC  

Yes, but it’s different to be the LEADER in poz.

2018-09-03 14:41:47 UTC  

either way it was the best deal I got when we bought them this past january. and they are american made.

2018-09-03 14:42:27 UTC  

I suppose they faced the most pressure because they’re the largest appliance manufacturer, but ugh. Was anybody else outside of appliance industry giving homo subsidies back in 2002?

2018-09-03 14:42:46 UTC  

in 02 prob not

2018-09-03 14:43:03 UTC  

the poz really started getting popular around 2010 I think

2018-09-03 14:43:12 UTC  

Yeah, they seem to have good prices and still made here. Though Electrolux employs a friend of mine in Charlotte and has factories in Anderson SC.

2018-09-03 14:43:29 UTC  

Yeah, 2010 and after is far more understandable. 2002 is nuts.

2018-09-03 14:43:57 UTC  

For what its worth our combo has worked well thus far.

2018-09-03 16:49:39 UTC  

If it’s a good American made machine, I’d say buy it.

2018-09-08 17:54:57 UTC  

I sold appliances for a bit

2018-09-08 17:55:20 UTC  

LG and Samsung are highest rated on consumer reports/jd power atm

2018-09-08 17:55:49 UTC  

Whirlpool are good, if you have problems its easier to get parts for it and have people work on it than the korean brands

2018-09-08 17:56:26 UTC  

Best case scenario the appliances last 8-10 years, they dont have much longevity anymore

2018-09-08 17:57:26 UTC  

Definitely buy an extended warranty. I recommend buying your appliances at Lowes and getting the 5 year lowes warranty, bumper to bumper coverage and theyll reimburse 30% of the cost of the warranty if you never need it by the end of its term

2018-09-08 17:58:05 UTC  

Whirlpool makes Maytag/kitchen aid/few others

2018-09-08 17:58:34 UTC  

GE sold out their appliances to Haier, the low end ones anyway

2018-09-08 18:00:57 UTC  

Free delivery/hookup as well and they'll haul away the old appliances for 20$ each

2018-09-08 19:19:53 UTC  

I’m going to buy this one because an autist tests washing machines on YouTube and this is his top pick.

2018-09-08 19:21:49 UTC  

I never buy extended warranties because they’re designed to be profitable for the company. If consumers, on average, came out ahead with the warranties, the company would raise the price until they’re profitable.

2018-09-08 19:32:13 UTC  

Bad move

2018-09-08 19:32:31 UTC  

And what kind of argument is that a product is designed to be profitable for a company

2018-09-08 19:32:48 UTC  

Of course it is thats how a business operates