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A new Blurb should be up tomorrow about what kind of tools you need to always have on hand in your garage.

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Also I start my Comercial Driver's License Program on the 21st, I'll take pictures of equipment to post up if I can.

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@Yuma County Are you thinking about driving long haul?

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@RevStench#3208 planning on it

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New blurb in the <#339423792881336320> channel, guys. It's pretty simple this week.

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thanks @Yuma County!

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@Yuma County Right on bro. That'll be a lot of fun and good times.

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Welcome aboard everyone just joining us.

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Hey guys just joining as well

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Hi 😃

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Hello everyone

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Hello 😃

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Howdy y'all

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If you're not familiar with the set-up, have a look in the <#338772935462354945> channel. Lots of good info from a lot of smart people on this server.

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Welcome, all.

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Anyone here HVAC?

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@REVNAT/PA yeah I believe @Lebens can help you.

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@REVNAT/PA i contract HVAC. Post your question in electrical discussion please

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OSHA has shown up twice this week to one of my job sites. Make sure everyone is up to date on compliance. This get expensive quick if you're busted. Fall prevention is the big one.

2017-08-27 20:09:36 UTC  

This is another reason residential is more profitable. Osha shows up to commercial projects. Commercial projects honestly do not have profit margin to time/material ratios that i find worth my time. In residential im in and out loke the wind with average material cost being 10% of ticket value

2017-08-27 20:11:18 UTC  

Example a $5k job will take me 1 day with material being around $500

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In commercial after your time and material matrix you're lucky for 10% profit margins and youve wasted months

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OSHA gets me because I work over 60ft often doing box gutters.
It's hard to fly under the radar when you see that scaffolding mess haha.
I work on time and materials too because doing historic preservation it's the only way to be fair. You have no idea how bad things could be until you open it up.
Historical preservation/restoration can get expensive quick, for example box gutters can break the bank, they run $200 to $250 a linear foot. I've worked on homes that run around $50k to have the gutters replaced on the whole home.
In that pic thats less than 20ft of gutter, it wraps the corner about 3 feet back, we replaced the dentil block too, that ran right around $7k. We made out like bandits, now we're doing the other side, which should go faster, because the "rafter tails" aren't rotten on this side.

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Ignore that if you're an OSHA asshole.haha

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You bill your customers on t&m? I do "flat rate" or "upfront" pricing..... this way they are clueless

2017-08-27 21:30:12 UTC  

Also i agree remodels have so many unknown variables that i tack on another 30% just to be safe

2017-08-27 21:30:51 UTC  

That padding usually hits my pockets nicely because unforseen issues i handle myself

2017-08-27 21:31:11 UTC  

And keep the helpers on task

2017-08-27 22:07:18 UTC  

Yes sir, time and materials. We only work on historic homes. We do add extra to what we charge for each carpenter. We're a 2 man crew no laborers.
Like with box gutters we charge 200 to 250 a linear foot, but if the whole thing doesn't need to be rebuilt it could be cheaper so we come out ahead.

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We do get an insurance job every now and then and we bid those.
I don't have a lot of competition because we're specialized in historic work.
Do you do free quotes? We don't, I won't leave the shop or a job site to look at a job unless I make $100. No one else works for free why do people expect us to?

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We should have a thread for budgeting and money management. Discuss ways to save money, invest it safely. No need for things to get too personal but it'd help a lot. @sigruna14

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Would @everyone be interested in this?☝🏻 It's been suggested before. Please click the thumbs up react if so.

2017-08-29 12:02:43 UTC  

We have an entire server dedicated to budgeting and money management but I don't think it's used whatsoever

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Oldfag here with a Master's in business, 20 years of investment experience, lived as an adult through the last two major market events, and "successful person" *of course* wants to share his wisdom.