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Deleted User 2017-10-02 20:27:33  

@jaybird1#1419 check out the <#322712657973215233> channel

jaybird1 2017-10-02 20:28:18  

Thanks, will do

Brandon Ironside- ND 2017-10-02 20:36:37  

@jaybird1 if your in the upper Midwest I have land we can practice on, I am also a ranger moderator, welcome to the server!

jaybird1 2017-10-02 20:41:39  

@Brandon Ironside- ND , yes, I'm in Wisconsin. I'm hoping to set up a survival retreat and confidence building courses. I'm ex CB Navy, but I have extensive experience in long range shooting, medicinals, shelter building and primitive fire.

Brandon Ironside- ND 2017-10-02 20:46:31  

@jaybird1 Great, I would be interested in talking with you more about that, and making it a reality. You should write up a plan and post it in the ranger discussion channel, we can discuss the class curriculum , and see how many people would be interested in attending!

jaybird1 2017-10-02 20:53:58  

@Brandon Ironside- ND Great, will do. How many acres do you have available? I'm thinking 3 acre obstacle course, 300 yard firing range, and additional 10 acres for foraging, shelter building, etc. My goal is to establish a 10 man group of long range shooters.

Whitelash 2017-10-02 23:39:07  

fash the nation is the best alt right pod cast imo

Whitelash 2017-10-02 23:40:33  

@everyone anyone here good as sewing?

Mark Vandal 2017-10-02 23:41:01  

I'm alright at it

Mark Vandal 2017-10-02 23:41:06  

What's up

Deleted User 2017-10-02 23:43:43  

I'm ok as well. Whatcha need.

Deleted User 2017-10-02 23:49:58  

Only humans

Themistocles 2017-10-02 23:57:55  

My fiancee is

Deleted User 2017-10-03 00:01:22  

Im decent at it, not a pro for sure but I can do it pretty well

Deleted User 2017-10-03 00:55:13  

I can sew

Serg CA 2017-10-03 04:15:10  

I fix and restore antiques I'll try a do some pictures of good over all tools to have and cleaning products to use

Logan 2017-10-03 15:07:59  

Geez. Literally just started doing today what Brandon posted in articles. The mivehind is real.

Logan 2017-10-03 15:08:28  

Right down to the 1000 lb goal, categories of self improvement, and weekly tracking goals

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Deleted User 2017-10-03 17:22:26  

I ❤️ siggytism

sigruna14 2017-10-03 17:26:57  


Volkmom 2017-10-04 03:46:57  

I sew a bit

AltRightMick 2017-10-05 00:44:33  

Hey can we create a sales/marketing channel?

Deleted User 2017-10-10 14:38:24  

Excellent video!!

Deleted User 2017-10-11 08:19:53  

haha totally on point

Deleted User 2017-10-11 18:13:02  

That's good for business!

Cait_Bradshaw - MA 2017-10-11 20:03:32  

I teach myself a ton of stuff online. Youtube taught me how to sew, crochet, iron... A ton of stuff my mom probably learned from my grandmother but never found the inclination to pass on. Is it the same for men?

Cait_Bradshaw - MA 2017-10-11 20:08:52  

The time you could have been helping your dad in the garage was when you were at soccer practice

Deleted User 2017-10-11 20:24:00  

My husband has to use YouTube for some things.

Deleted User 2017-10-11 20:24:46  

I need to learn to sew

Deleted User 2017-10-11 20:25:43  

I def use and recommend YouTube tutorials for lots of crafty things.

Cait_Bradshaw - MA 2017-10-11 20:46:58  

Also I feel like I know how to use a tape measure.... But do I?

Brandon Ironside- ND 2017-10-11 20:48:10  

@Deleted User I got into sewing so I could make/modify Hunting/Military/Tactical Gear. Let me know if you need any help. Heres an Uzi chest rig I made after i couldnt find anything i wanted to buy. You can pick up old quality sewing machines on craigslist for super cheap, adjust for inflation the model I bought cost 2,000 dollars in the 40's I picked mine up for 50 bucks, works great.

RevStench 2017-10-11 20:48:36  

@Cait_Bradshaw - MA my pops didn't slack on passing knowledge down to me and my brothers. He taught us how to build a house from ground up, how to work on cars and small engine repair, we had a tobacco farm growing up and when my dad was home we weren't far off.
I don't have any sisters so my mom taught us how to cook, do laundry, sew, child care and other things women traditionally do, so we would be prepared for the world.

RevStench 2017-10-11 20:49:30  

My dad even prepared us for the JQ. My dad is so awesome. Haha

RevStench 2017-10-11 20:54:00  

Also, I wish we had and mason. I want to learn tuck pointing. I understand it, but I want the secrets.

Thomas Morrow 2017-10-11 21:05:58  

That's awesome. My father (if indeed I could call him that) wasn't around and I know how to do more than he does. Just about everything I learned I either taught myself or was taught to me by my grandfather

Thomas Morrow 2017-10-11 21:06:21  

Sad reality for a lot of people in this day and age.

Thomas Morrow 2017-10-11 21:06:43  

That's why learning these things and passing them on are so important