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2018-05-21 16:21:20 UTC  

@Rick your dryer vent is connected to a water drain?

2018-05-22 03:53:35 UTC  

@RevStench No, the dryer has a flexible tube that extends from the from back of the dryer directly outside.

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2018-05-22 23:40:34 UTC  

Imagine working in a plywood factory all day

2018-05-22 23:40:48 UTC  

Any factory, really

2018-05-22 23:41:01 UTC  

Factory work looks absolutely brootal

2018-05-22 23:52:03 UTC  

Yeah, that looks like a terrible place to work. I bet it's a lot more automated these days.

2018-05-23 00:19:07 UTC  

The second part of the video shows a modern factory. I was referring to that one. It looks way too monotonous

2018-05-23 00:38:05 UTC  

I got to what looked like the end and turned it off to quick. Still looks like a terrible place to work, I wonder how many sheets they produce a shift.
Factory work is not my thing, I have nothing but respect for the people who do it, I'd go mad. I enjoy the fresh air and freedom swinging a hammer has brought me haha.

2018-05-23 00:49:06 UTC  

On a different note, I found this guy on YouTube a few months ago. He has one series in particular that I'm very interested in. He's building a spec home. Anyone who is at all interested in that sort of thing, I highly recommend this guy. He's very knowledgeable, well spoken, and is always doing interesting things

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2018-05-23 01:07:16 UTC  

That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing this.

2018-05-23 01:26:39 UTC  

@John O - bro we can set you up on a nice cheap piece of land up here to build you one of those on!

2018-05-23 01:29:37 UTC  

One of these days

2018-05-23 01:32:17 UTC  

Would be an honor to have you.

2018-05-23 15:18:00 UTC  

Grain bins need to be leveled in order to allow air to flow properly through the grain and prevent rotting. Bins keep getting bigger but a few guys with scoop shovels are still the preferred method.

2018-05-23 15:18:32 UTC  

Needless to say I will not be lifting tonight.

2018-05-23 15:20:23 UTC  

Here's one we leveled earlier.

2018-05-23 15:21:44 UTC  

And here is a picture of our bin site

2018-05-23 16:59:58 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD How's the rain out there?

2018-05-23 17:06:59 UTC  

It's been fairly good so far this year. We are right on the edge of the High Plains also known as the Great American Desert. Its dryer than the farms around where I grew up but everything is growing so far.

2018-05-24 04:44:24 UTC  

Who here is good with digital audio?

2018-05-24 07:17:46 UTC  

<@&435155896780324864> ☝🏻

2018-05-24 14:11:49 UTC

2018-05-24 14:11:55 UTC  

Nice fog the last few days

2018-05-24 15:14:30 UTC  

@here I need some assistance in the marketing of a children’s theater production of Snow White

2018-05-24 16:10:32 UTC  

@Rogue cool, I've never worked at an airport

2018-05-24 16:31:51 UTC  

@TV what's your question?

2018-05-24 17:06:38 UTC  

@John O - It's pretty nice. Clean job site, tight security and job safety

2018-05-25 21:40:27 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA What's the question?

2018-05-26 02:07:46 UTC  

@RevStench @John O - The plumber came out on Tuesday. He snaked the line again and determined that the pipe is broken and sand is leaking into the pipe, which is causing it to drain slowly. I am going to have to replace the pipe that starts at the basement floor and leads to the main sewer line, which is fine. It will be about $1,000.00 or so. In the meanwhile, when running loads of laundry, I have to let it drain about a third of the cycle, then stop and let the water take its time through the pipe. This means that I cannot just put a load of laundry and let it go on its own, without water backing up. For now it is just an inconvevnience and quality of life issue.

2018-05-26 02:14:25 UTC  

Oh man, that's a bummer. So the break is under the house and not outside, where you could dig it up and splice it?

2018-05-26 02:20:28 UTC  

How old is your house?

2018-05-26 02:21:13 UTC  

That sucks, though. I want to live in concrete slab houses because of hurricanes, but the downside is you can't fix pipes

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2018-05-28 17:05:00 UTC  

Can anyone guide me on renting an apartment for the first time?

2018-05-29 15:51:04 UTC  

@NeoRealist I’ve rented several since moving out of my folks home a few years back. What questions do you have about it?

2018-05-29 15:55:20 UTC  

@Grossly Incandescent How to go about it in general

2018-05-29 15:58:30 UTC  

First thing I’d do is figure out your budget. How much of your monthly income can you currently allocate to rent and utilities?