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2018-01-24 04:18:53 UTC  

Does crunchyroll not have a limit on users per account? LoL!

2018-01-24 04:19:01 UTC  

Dankeschon, freund.

2018-01-24 04:19:12 UTC  

nope 😂

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2018-01-24 04:19:41 UTC  

Everytime I go on there something is being watched

2018-01-24 04:20:01 UTC  

If I click on almost any show on the site, my account has watched at least one episode of it

2018-01-24 04:20:41 UTC  

LOL Crunchyroll should have thought about a limit of viewers

2018-01-24 04:21:10 UTC

2018-01-24 04:21:58 UTC  

feelin awfully devilish >:3

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<:catboi:404144684731072513> <:dab:402362224527671306>

2018-01-24 04:25:06 UTC  

Just started watching AoT again, gonna' work my way back up until I get to the "new" episodes.

2018-01-24 04:25:14 UTC  

Christ I forgot how much I loved the intro.

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2018-01-24 04:30:13 UTC  

You gusy know the full lore behind AoT?

2018-01-24 04:30:27 UTC  

Takes place in either the distant past or the distant future where the hemispheres have been switched.

2018-01-24 04:30:38 UTC  

The South of Africa is now considered to be the north,

2018-01-24 04:30:46 UTC  

the setting is actually Madagascar.

2018-01-24 04:31:50 UTC  

I kind of tuned out of AoT after the first season aired, didn't keep up with the second season

2018-01-24 04:33:15 UTC  

Thats probly because season 2 didnt air for half a decade, lol

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2018-01-24 04:33:50 UTC  

I remeber when AoT was airing, I pirated it, and burned it to DVDs to use in my anime club

2018-01-24 04:33:54 UTC  

what a time

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2018-01-24 04:36:18 UTC  

I thought the upper classmen in the anime club were so much cooler than me, so I basically tried to be as useful as possible to gain access to the anime circle

2018-01-24 04:36:21 UTC  

Then I realized

2018-01-24 04:36:31 UTC  

They were just weebs

2018-01-24 04:36:41 UTC  

but were they cooler?

2018-01-24 04:36:55 UTC  

At the time yes, but not nearly as much as I thought that were

2018-01-24 04:37:18 UTC  

Though we did end up forming a cult at one point, *that* was pretty cool

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2018-01-24 04:59:35 UTC  

Why is Black Clover popular?

2018-01-24 05:16:17 UTC  

I think it's because the manga is actually good, at least according to my slav friend.

2018-01-24 05:16:26 UTC  

I know the anime is absolute garbage

2018-01-24 06:09:34 UTC