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2018-01-29 00:18:53 UTC  

I should have been more like Shawn

2018-01-29 00:19:21 UTC  

Argueing from the defensive position makes you look weak, but I didn't understand this at the time

2018-01-29 00:20:20 UTC  

They didn't even mind the edgy alt-right memes, it was specifically Christ they had a problem with

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2018-01-29 00:20:28 UTC  

be on the offense

2018-01-29 00:20:36 UTC  

ask questions

2018-01-29 00:21:21 UTC  

and continue going in that direction

2018-01-29 00:21:52 UTC  

until they start to "break" off into your direction

2018-01-29 00:22:07 UTC  

It's too late now, they all think I'm a closeted homosexual Neo-Nazi christian fundamentalist

2018-01-29 00:22:16 UTC  

which is pretty funny tbh

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2018-01-29 00:22:18 UTC  

Yeah man I lost a childhood friend of 8 years for telling her to be abstinent and learning I was a little too late

2018-01-29 00:22:58 UTC  

Wow, that sucks. You're probably better off for it

2018-01-29 00:23:09 UTC  

that childhood friend is weak minded that's why they left probably

2018-01-29 00:23:43 UTC  

A lot of those friends were into degeracy, sex, weed, etc. and I constantly told them that what they were doing was gay

2018-01-29 00:24:15 UTC  

I never participated in any of it, and my moral indignation is partialy what pissed them off so much

2018-01-29 00:24:37 UTC  

She is very weak willed and I can be really argumentative about things like this... I told her she was gonna end up just like her mom! That was rough. Same here Simon

2018-01-29 00:24:53 UTC  

That's probably it then

2018-01-29 00:25:15 UTC  

For me I'm lucky because most of the friends I hang out with are Irish Catholics

2018-01-29 00:25:27 UTC  

Who are ring leaning and are not as degenrate

2018-01-29 00:25:36 UTC  

right leaning

2018-01-29 00:25:55 UTC  

@Alyssa Cordelia That sounds rough, wow

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2018-01-29 00:26:40 UTC  

I've met some good IRL folks via DailyStormer Book Club groups as retarded as it sounds

2018-01-29 00:26:58 UTC  

A lot of trad catholics and christians

2018-01-29 00:28:29 UTC  

But, like clock work, we recently had a split in the group over degeneracy and secularism. One side wanted to continue to engage in hooking up with college thots and drinkning and smoking etc, they other side was more tradition and didn't want any part of that.

2018-01-29 00:29:31 UTC  

Those degenerate side is more TRS folks as you could probably guessed, but even whithin Far-Right friends, sexual immorality and religion are huge dividing lines.

2018-01-29 00:31:24 UTC  

Lol I'm knitting while we talk about this and I feel like I'm in a sewing circle. But yeah, that seems to divide everyone in the right. It's the people who were raised without values I bet, so it's not exactly their fault. They're a product of their enviorment, but if they are given the option to fix themselves and they don't, then the blame is on them

2018-01-29 00:31:54 UTC  

Whatre you sewing? :^)

2018-01-29 00:32:05 UTC  

@Alyssa Cordelia That's so trad lol

2018-01-29 00:32:15 UTC  

I agree

2018-01-29 00:32:31 UTC  

I'm knitting, and you know exactly what I'm knitting! :D

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Good luck

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2018-01-29 00:33:06 UTC  

Youll see, simon

2018-01-29 00:33:09 UTC  

Dont worry about it

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sure thing

2018-01-29 00:33:47 UTC  

@epic you inexplicably spurred on some pretty good serious discussion in the anime chat, good job

2018-01-29 00:33:58 UTC  

Thats right