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2018-03-10 21:18:45 UTC  

Idolmaster and final fantasy takes up my play time on my phone

2018-03-10 21:19:28 UTC  

i have this eli best un idolized card

2018-03-10 21:19:48 UTC  

Ooh yes

2018-03-10 21:20:22 UTC  

I love Eli, that card is one of my favorites. I have the Hanayo that matches her and shes cute too, but I like the long dress

2018-03-10 21:22:02 UTC

2018-03-10 21:22:04 UTC  

Did someone say

2018-03-10 21:22:06 UTC  


2018-03-10 21:22:16 UTC  

I have never played it, but Mattias always tweets out cute pics of Kaede

2018-03-10 21:23:34 UTC  

I love the songs from [email protected]

2018-03-10 21:23:57 UTC  

Theres this one, Romantic Now I think, gets stuck in my head al the time

2018-03-10 21:26:37 UTC  

I havent even heard of it until Mattias posted Kaede, lol

2018-03-10 21:32:22 UTC  

I only know Snow Halation well because it was a meme among my high school anime club

2018-03-10 21:34:15 UTC  

It's a pretty good song tbh

2018-03-10 21:36:23 UTC  

Haha I loved that one, I learned the dance to it at one point

2018-03-10 21:36:51 UTC  

Spoiler though, not a great dancer. LOL. Its still a good cute song though

2018-03-10 21:37:18 UTC  

Psychic Fire is one of the good ones too because the BiBi subunit songs are always fire

2018-03-10 22:37:06 UTC  

That's so cool, you'll have to teach me some of the dances one day

2018-03-10 22:37:43 UTC  

Well, I'm a terrible a dancer tbh

2018-03-10 22:37:50 UTC  

So that probably won't happen but

2018-03-10 22:38:44 UTC  

I'm sure you are top-tier when it comes to idol song and dance

2018-03-10 22:42:42 UTC  

Prepare to be surprised at AFAC

2018-03-10 22:43:40 UTC  

We'll do one of those Love Live flash mobs

2018-03-10 22:43:54 UTC  

Make sure everyone has glow sticks to wave around

2018-03-10 22:44:12 UTC  

What is an AFAC?

2018-03-10 22:47:47 UTC  

America First Anime Convention

2018-03-10 22:47:54 UTC  

A dream today

2018-03-10 22:47:58 UTC  

A reality tomorrow

2018-03-10 22:48:41 UTC  

Oh my

2018-03-10 22:48:52 UTC

2018-03-10 22:49:00 UTC  

I thought it was this

2018-03-10 22:49:44 UTC  

I was like "wth, you guys are going to do idol dances at the mall without me!??"

2018-03-10 22:50:04 UTC  


2018-03-10 22:51:02 UTC  

Ah man it would be so much fun for us to all meet up I'd love to meet so many people here

2018-03-10 22:51:53 UTC  

> America First Anime Convention

2018-03-10 22:54:30 UTC  

We are going to make this happen lolol

2018-03-10 22:55:06 UTC  

We need an anime convention that is going to put the American People first!

2018-03-10 22:55:23 UTC  

(by American People, I of course mean catbois)

2018-03-10 22:55:48 UTC  


2018-03-11 01:02:39 UTC  

2018-03-11 01:03:12 UTC  

We have a new server just for the weebs