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I love that one. @Deleted User

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True figure for French nationalism.

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Italian supremacy

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Shame that hardly any of old Rome still persists in a single ethnic pattern of people.

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I believe Sardinia is quite similar still.

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speaking of italian supremacy

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check realpolitik

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Wow really? I guess of all Italian places that would be the least tampered with.

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the Chad profile picture

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Yes. A lot of the north is more or less just the Lombards, and the south has a lot of Moorish blood.

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But they still make up a unique type of ethnicity.

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Which is a good thing.

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Right. I definitely gonna look into that more when I get my DNA test back

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see how <:56:402370471347355679> i am

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I also believe Sardinia was one of the last hold outs of the Hellenic pantheon.

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This was mine.

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*1.7% honorary dago*

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one of us

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Why do you think that was?

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Just the isolation of them.

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Because nobody was going to sardinia?

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Both them and Corsica held off many many invaders

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From the Moors

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to the Genevans.

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*Where are the Romans now?*

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*Ya' lookin' at em'.*

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The Chad Aeneas vs. the virgin turnus

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Aeneas was said to be an ancestor of Brut, and Brut was said to be the first Britain settler.

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Jesus that's hypothetically one hell of a bloodline

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*Of all the trees that grow so fair olde England to adorn, greater are none beneath the sun than oak and ash and thorn. Sing oak and ash and thron good sirs, all of a midsummer's morn. Surely we sing of no little thing in oak and ash and thorn. Oak of the clay live many a day, or ever Aeneas began, ash of the Loam was a lady at home when Brut was an outlaw man. Thorn of the down saw New Troy Town, from which was London born, witness hereby, the ancient-ry of oak and ash and thorn.*