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2018-03-19 23:53:19 UTC  

Any funk aficionados in here

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one of the very few band that aged well

2018-03-21 21:42:54 UTC  

Incredibly talented band. Jimmy Page > Any other guitar player.

2018-03-21 23:09:17 UTC  

@Barry N. Terdastein Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton?

2018-03-21 23:31:58 UTC  

Fellas I need some real soul touching music

2018-03-22 01:22:31 UTC  

superior nocturne

2018-03-22 01:24:40 UTC  

I found this piece in particular to be an elegant balance between contrasting levels in pitch and reverberation

2018-03-22 01:24:54 UTC  

Don't bother reading the title I find it misleading

2018-03-22 01:25:16 UTC  

a masterpiece

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before I go to bed when I'm reading Locke I put in headphones and I feel at peace listening to that piece

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This kind of music is a great complement to the works of Locke

2018-03-22 09:17:12 UTC  

solid song with a solid piano solo

2018-03-22 15:02:49 UTC  

@Lil Merc GTFO endless blues riffs get boring, Hendrix was a sonic pioneer, but Page was a painter there was more depth to his song structuring. It wasnt just noodling in between standard chord progressions that have been transposed.

2018-03-22 15:04:38 UTC  

@francois le francais a i hope for a modern day steely dan that riffs sarcastically on hipster/soyboy/modernman/clownworld™ culture

2018-03-23 03:36:52 UTC  

This is the most magnificent and relaxing thing you will ever here

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Serbian Music is good