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2018-01-24 02:35:27 UTC  

Pomegranate juice is weird tho. I prefer the actual pomegranate. But my hands are a dark red for days.

2018-01-24 03:22:13 UTC  

yeah re: butter coffee you can't leave it out

2018-01-24 03:22:24 UTC  

@Alyssa Cordelia rate my womanly prowess

2018-01-24 03:22:25 UTC  

when I make it I only make smaller cups so I finish it

2018-01-24 03:22:31 UTC  

Also there's my foot so I'm white btw

2018-01-24 03:23:32 UTC  

That looks amazing Breadpill, womanly prowess levels far beyond the modern woman

2018-01-24 03:25:09 UTC  

@🎭🎵 good job king

2018-01-24 03:29:06 UTC  

Love coffee cake.

2018-01-24 03:29:21 UTC  

Hey, you folks want a bombass buffalo chicken recipe?

2018-01-24 03:30:01 UTC  

H*ck yeah drop that in here

2018-01-24 03:32:14 UTC  

Alright. So, depending on how many people you're going to feed (I usually make mine for about seven to eight people, so I use about some eight tot en pound sof chicken, and that usually leaves leftovers)

2018-01-24 03:32:15 UTC  


2018-01-24 03:32:21 UTC  

let's say

2018-01-24 03:32:23 UTC  

dinner for one

2018-01-24 03:32:54 UTC  

You're going to want to cook maybe a half a pound of chicken thighs by buttering an oven pan, and melting the butter slightly.

2018-01-24 03:33:28 UTC  

Then after the pan has been thoroughly buttered you want to season the chicken with salt and pepper.

2018-01-24 03:33:58 UTC  

Place it in the oven, skin side down for about 45-60 minutes,

2018-01-24 03:34:26 UTC  

then, remove, flip, and put them back in the oven, skin side UP, for about another thirty minutes.

2018-01-24 03:34:40 UTC  

This gets the skin crispy, and the meat remains moist.

2018-01-24 03:34:58 UTC  

Then while that is cooking in the final steps,

2018-01-24 03:35:40 UTC  

take a bottle of Frank's hot sauce and about a half to a whole stick of butter to simmer in a pan (entirely dependent upon the quantity of chicken)

2018-01-24 03:36:20 UTC  

After the butter has been melted, and you can see bubbles begin to form on the surface of the hot sauce,

2018-01-24 03:36:32 UTC  

vigorously whisk it in the pan over medium heat.

2018-01-24 03:36:45 UTC  

When the sauce is sufficiently blended,

2018-01-24 03:36:52 UTC  

and the chicken is crisped to your preference

2018-01-24 03:37:01 UTC  

remove the chicken, place the thighs in a large bowl,

2018-01-24 03:37:16 UTC  

pour the sauce over the top

2018-01-24 03:37:17 UTC  

and toss.

2018-01-24 03:37:29 UTC  

This is my favorite dinner to make.

2018-01-24 03:37:49 UTC  

I usually accompany this with some green beans sauteed in bacon grease.

2018-01-24 03:37:59 UTC  

And mashed potatoes if I've got the time.

2018-01-24 03:38:07 UTC  

Sorry for the text wall.

2018-01-24 03:38:19 UTC  

Feed all the hombres with that eh Chicano?

2018-01-24 03:38:48 UTC  

@Thomas you're making me hungry, I'll definitely try that

2018-01-24 03:38:56 UTC  

*nah, ese, my ass gotta' walk down to taco bell for that shit* @🎭🎵

2018-01-24 03:39:32 UTC  

But no my family's fuckin' giant.

2018-01-24 03:39:32 UTC  
2018-01-24 03:39:46 UTC  

I am a lost soul without a COLLECTIVE

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2018-01-24 03:40:00 UTC  

*make-a me sad, 4 u, bread*

2018-01-24 03:40:10 UTC  

the chicken sounds good