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2018-01-24 03:50:51 UTC  

Its what I like, anyways, I'm not a fan of the tough skins

2018-01-24 03:51:16 UTC  

also if you ever bake a chicken put potatoes in the same dish you cook the chicken with

2018-01-24 03:51:28 UTC  

I'm gonna' get some shit for this, but I don't care for shepherd's pie.

2018-01-24 03:51:47 UTC  

Not a fan of shepard's pie either

2018-01-24 03:51:51 UTC  

I've never had shepherd's pie before

2018-01-24 03:52:03 UTC  

I love it, but it's best with lamb or veal not standard ground beef like a lot of people make it with

2018-01-24 03:52:53 UTC  

isn't the beef one called cottage pie? I dunno

2018-01-24 03:53:08 UTC  

well proper shephard is supposed to be lamb but there's a lot of varieties

2018-01-24 03:53:49 UTC  

best is with layer of cream corn on top of the meat

2018-01-24 03:54:06 UTC  

Anyone like fried chicken livers?

2018-01-24 03:54:17 UTC  

*prolly a long shot*

2018-01-24 03:54:48 UTC  

Gee I've never even seen chicken livers, let alone fried it

2018-01-24 03:55:05 UTC  

I've never fried em' myself

2018-01-24 03:55:11 UTC  

I've heard they're pretty good, never tried them

2018-01-24 03:55:11 UTC  

pick em' up from chciken express

2018-01-24 03:55:20 UTC  

but I'll be damned if they don't taste amazing ona dinner roll.

2018-01-24 03:55:23 UTC  

Rich as hell though

2018-01-24 03:55:25 UTC  

gotta' be careful.

2018-01-24 03:55:27 UTC  

haven't tried it but I like pate and foie gras which is made from it

2018-01-24 03:55:46 UTC  

well goie is goose

2018-01-24 03:55:51 UTC  

that's been force fed

2018-01-24 03:55:55 UTC  

banned in some places

2018-01-24 03:56:29 UTC  

I've had horse also (bad french family influence)

2018-01-24 03:57:50 UTC  

I've never trusted the French man's food...

2018-01-24 03:57:51 UTC  

Horse is a minor pagan influence

2018-01-24 03:57:52 UTC  


2018-01-24 03:57:57 UTC  

as far as health is concerned

2018-01-24 03:58:05 UTC  

it is 100% normal for consumption.

2018-01-24 03:58:17 UTC  

The taboo surrounding it is the same taboo that surrounds pagan rite.

2018-01-24 03:58:24 UTC

2018-01-24 03:58:57 UTC  

horse is fine, the problem is it has very little fat

2018-01-24 03:59:01 UTC  

From the little exposure I've had to it, french food is pretty good

2018-01-24 03:59:03 UTC  

so it's hard to cook

2018-01-24 03:59:30 UTC  

Part of me would be sad eating horse

2018-01-24 03:59:40 UTC  

cows and chickens and pigs are cute too

2018-01-24 03:59:55 UTC  

I know, but it's this weird thing with horses

2018-01-24 04:00:03 UTC  

It'd be like eating dog or cat

2018-01-24 04:00:15 UTC  

horses are grazing animals

2018-01-24 04:00:26 UTC  

they are meant to be eaten

2018-01-24 04:00:39 UTC  

we eat most other grazing animals

2018-01-24 04:00:41 UTC  

I have a ahrder time killing mammals than I do poultry.