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hello is this the nofap channel ??

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You’re not allowed counter signal the Bloat lord

2018-05-09 18:13:59 UTC read this and you will be not gay

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There is no honour in the modern age, and there won't be until we return to tradition, which will require dishonesty and dishonourable conduct

2018-05-09 22:47:46 UTC  

Read the last article it talks about reviving honor. I think honor is another method of returning to tradition. Get the lads to read about honor that is what I'm going to do.

2018-05-09 22:48:17 UTC  

I'm going to shill for this article every few weeks

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If you’re under 200kg (440lbs) then you’re a homosexual

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No honour for twinks

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Me rn

2018-05-10 02:04:48 UTC

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I weigh 147 lb so guess I'm a twink

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from jacking off to porn every day

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to jacking off once a week and sometimes 2 weeks without porn

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just got done gardening ,dirt on my hands
sweat on my brow and the lords prayer on my lips what a great feeling

2018-05-13 20:55:27 UTC  

I have never pissed in my life, I only consume the exact amount of water I need for my body. Pissing is a sign of gluttony

2018-05-13 20:55:35 UTC  

Dont be a pissing hog

2018-05-14 01:00:02 UTC  

Shitting is also a sign of eating unrequired or inedible food

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fellas i’m about to go to gym and need a shot of testosterone post best jesus pics

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Fellas I started putting lemon juice in my hair as a home remedy for dandruff now my hair went from dark brown to Sandy, be careful with the implications of this knowledge

2018-05-15 00:25:23 UTC  

Did the dandruff go away?

2018-05-15 01:45:53 UTC  

P much yeah

2018-05-15 01:46:06 UTC  

I don't have a lot of it like

2018-05-15 01:46:27 UTC  

So it wasn't a huge deal

2018-05-15 01:46:51 UTC  

Baking soda works better for me

2018-05-15 01:47:09 UTC  

Depends what the PH balance of your scalp is

2018-05-15 01:47:47 UTC  

Baking Soda doesn't make your hair lighter tho