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2018-05-28 18:07:31 UTC  

did you have a coach?

2018-05-28 18:07:38 UTC  

outside of the choir that is

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2018-05-28 18:25:28 UTC  

Now granted, I had siblings in the choir before I joined, so that pushed me in that direction, but nobody told me I had to do it

2018-05-28 18:27:05 UTC  

I just figured that it would be a good experience for me, so I signed up

2018-05-28 18:42:27 UTC  


2018-05-28 18:42:31 UTC  

was it attached to a church?

2018-05-28 19:01:09 UTC  

Yeah, almost everyone there was part of the church that we rehearsed in, or a church that was close by

2018-05-28 19:08:15 UTC  

was it catholic?

2018-05-28 19:18:42 UTC  

Presybyterian, with a large contingent from a nearby orthodox church

2018-05-28 19:19:22 UTC  

i don't want to be too much more specific than that though

2018-05-28 23:12:25 UTC  

How about public speaking? Has anyone done toastmasters or anything like that to improve it?

2018-05-30 00:15:37 UTC  

same thing happened to me when i started beating up uncovered/imoddest women outside my church

2018-05-30 00:15:45 UTC  
2018-05-30 12:35:36 UTC  

@Bloat MOGG be wary of toastmasters if you go its a Freemason recruitment org

2018-05-30 12:35:42 UTC  

Like Rotary

2018-05-30 12:35:58 UTC  

But its good for learning how to speak in public

2018-05-30 12:36:16 UTC  

If you're in college or school you should do some debating

2018-05-30 12:37:38 UTC  

Oh really? Shit

2018-05-30 12:37:52 UTC  

Ah I think I’m too woke for that

2018-05-30 12:38:14 UTC  

No I’m old 😢

2018-05-30 21:48:36 UTC  

Did an hour long presentation today (alone) and the teacher said I did really well and that I should go into English

2018-05-30 21:49:13 UTC  

Was a film analysis of Taxi Driver and Blade Runner 2049

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2018-05-31 02:47:08 UTC  

Keep up the good work

2018-05-31 02:47:19 UTC  

Our guys need to become teachers

2018-05-31 02:47:44 UTC  

So u could be an English teacher if u want

2018-05-31 02:48:51 UTC  

We talk about science a lot, but if u love the arts, u are very valuable to the movement also

2018-05-31 02:49:00 UTC  

We need teachers

2018-05-31 02:49:27 UTC  

They are the most overlooked type of influencers

2018-05-31 17:03:06 UTC  

Maybe not teachers, but professors definitely

2018-05-31 17:03:28 UTC  

bc teachers have very little freedom and just follow the cirriculum for the most par

2018-05-31 17:03:30 UTC  


2018-05-31 18:15:42 UTC  

@Barry White guess which other obscure austrian painter was also a choir boy?

2018-06-03 17:35:49 UTC  

Tfw Scene girl in church was mirin' me for prolonged periods of time

2018-06-04 00:46:16 UTC  

nice king

2018-06-05 05:03:08 UTC  

a scene girl in church?

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2018-06-06 19:31:55 UTC  

tfw church attending scene gf

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2018-06-06 19:32:07 UTC  

(i wish)