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2018-05-25 23:09:21 UTC  

you can throw out a pack of cigarettes

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Good Soy sauce substitute for when you want to cook your favorite Asian dish sans soy.

2018-05-27 03:50:00 UTC  

Good Soy sauce substitute for when you want to cook your favorite Asian dish sans soy.

2018-05-27 06:15:36 UTC  

@Barry N. Terdastein but is it good

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(except for darling in the franxx because it makes the gays and trannies mad)

2018-05-28 02:26:03 UTC  

Who are we?

2018-05-28 02:26:13 UTC  

Are we better?

2018-05-28 02:26:59 UTC  

Or will we just be woke degenerates?

2018-05-28 02:55:38 UTC  

That is up to you mate set the ideal high and hit it.

2018-05-28 04:04:03 UTC  

Fellas I'd just like to say

2018-05-28 04:05:39 UTC  

I was an autistic shut-in basically up until 2 years ago, when I joined up with a community choir

2018-05-28 04:08:19 UTC  

It hasn't always been easy or a smooth ride or anything but the experience has basically helped me become a normal, social person

2018-05-28 04:08:45 UTC  

I'm feeling more and more confident every day and like I actually have friends now

2018-05-28 04:09:29 UTC  

And honestly I think a community choir is just about the perfect outlet because:

2018-05-28 04:09:59 UTC  

A. You become more confident in the sound of your own voice

2018-05-28 04:11:03 UTC  

B. You get to be part of a group-effort that is bigger than just you

2018-05-28 04:11:55 UTC  

C. You get ample time and opportunity to get to know other people through the shared interest of singing

2018-05-28 04:13:25 UTC  

D. Performing on stage is low-risk enough for you to have the confidence to actually be there, but the experience is still enough to help you be less self-conscious and nervous in front of a lot of people

2018-05-28 04:14:28 UTC  

E. Singing/music is a highly traditional form of worship

2018-05-28 04:15:52 UTC  

F. Since most community choirs meet in church buildings/are sponsored in some way by churches, it's an excellent way to get involved in the church if you aren't already

2018-05-28 04:16:05 UTC  

TL;DR get involved in your community choir, faggot

2018-05-28 04:16:43 UTC  

that's good to hear barry, glad you're doing well

2018-05-28 04:17:40 UTC  

We just had our weekend concerts, finished up earlier today

2018-05-28 04:18:16 UTC  

I volunteered for a speaking role during the concert to push myself and I didn't fuck it up

2018-05-28 06:00:16 UTC  

@Barry White That's great

2018-05-28 06:00:20 UTC  

God bless

2018-05-28 06:01:13 UTC  

Do your best

2018-05-28 06:01:24 UTC  

I'm proud

2018-05-28 12:05:54 UTC  

i dont wanna do that 😡

2018-05-28 14:43:33 UTC  

@Barry White have you had any formal vocal training prior? i'm fully convinced my voice is complete aids

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2018-05-28 14:46:28 UTC  

I think starting off hating the sound of your own voice is a near-universal experience

2018-05-28 14:46:49 UTC  

That's why I did a lot of my practicing outside of rehearsal in private, at first

2018-05-28 16:48:55 UTC  

Another thing about voices is that there are three components that make a good-sounding voice, and that is A: The natural sound of your voice, B: Your habits & mannerisms when you speak, and C: Your vocal range

2018-05-28 16:49:46 UTC  

@Callaghan It is highly unlikely that all three of these components are complete shit, and even if they are, 2/3 you have some degree of control over

2018-05-28 16:51:11 UTC  

With a decent amount of practice you can stretch your range to be able to hit at least a few more notes than you could before

2018-05-28 16:52:52 UTC  

And anyone can change their vocal mannerisms as long as you pay attention, but to some degree it will happen automatically as your confidence goes up

2018-05-28 18:07:28 UTC