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read siege

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@Hans Here's the link to the version I bought, generally reliable, no agenda. I always skip the translator's introduction however, I don't like people to interpret the book for me.

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As far as books on colonization go it kind of depends on what you're going for, if you want to read about colonial history then I can personally recommend "A History of New Sweden" by Israel Acrelius. It's a great book about the Swedish american colony on the Delaware river at the height of the Swedish Empire.

2018-04-16 16:58:07 UTC  

I would also recommend taking a look at the 'Forgotten Books' website, they have a whole bunch of great publications, histories and ethnographical surveys during the times of Empire , as well as I think some East India Company records and publications

2018-04-16 17:25:51 UTC  

Ill have to check that out. Thanks for the response brother

2018-04-16 18:13:43 UTC  

Any time brother

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"Particles decay, molecules disintegrate, cells die, organisms perish, species become extinct, planets are destroyed and stars burn-out, galaxies explode… until the unfathomable thirst of the entire universe collapses into darkness and ruin. Death, glorious and harsh, sprawls vast beyond all suns, sheltered by the sharp flickerlip of flame and silence, cold mother of all gods, hers is the deep surrender. If we are to resent nothing-not even nothing-it is necessary that all resistance to death cease. We are made sick by our avidity to survive, and in our sickness is the thread that leads back and nowhere, because we belong to the end of the universe. The convulsion of dying stars is our syphilitic inheritance. The name ‘Bataille’ loosely congeals a message from the dead heart of the real, and anything human is quite incidental here. Matter signals to its lost voyagers, telling them that their quest is vain, and that their homeland already lies in ashes behind them. If there is a conclusion it is zero. Silence. Words continue as something else, as something in any case, or at most; the edge of something (of all things). Yet there is nothing but chaos, even if chaos (alone) is the repressed. Unilateral difference. That is why a revolution must be a zenith of competence nucleated upon burning insanity, since anarchy and utter surrender only connect in a religion of death. Thanocracy, anarchy are undifferentiable at zero, and a human being without desperation escapes my comprehension. Being created in the image of God, we mean nothing to ourselves, and want only the inhuman. They are right to say that in trafficking these words I correspond to a zone of Nietzsche’s maximum detestation; vermin, disease, madness, anarchy, and religion flow through me as through their own space."

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Some b-ok pdf are screwed up

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chad emojis only

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where can i buy sam hydes book

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you lied to me

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Thats actually where they used to sell it

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Its probably sold out

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so fucking expensive

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ive got the whole thing

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in photos

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i want the actual thing

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imagine how much theyll be worth in the ethnostate

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<:bossbaby:412534147924361216> I wonder if anyone's actually paid 200-300 for it

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I wish i had gotten the first edition. I have the second

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i prefer the first edition cover

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A good book, something different