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2018-05-24 14:08:40 UTC  

Meditations @scorch

2018-05-24 14:29:22 UTC CRP talking live about how Nick beating him made him retreat from the Internet

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@shinjitsu If Winston Smith was ultimately brainwashed like the rest of the proles and the outer party, it makes no sense that he wouldn't have already been sufficiently conditioned to begin with, like the rest of them. It seems like Orwell's premise, which was that humans are fundamentally and totally programmable, butted up against the need to have a protagonist in the book.

2018-05-24 16:56:47 UTC  

@Barry White I disagree I think the idea was that everyone has some varying degree to how easy it will be to program them, and they choose Winston as a case of someone who is very hard to get control of. They even have a system built in to catch these people who are hopeful for revolution

2018-05-24 16:57:23 UTC  

And he does get programmed at the end when he finally gets killed

2018-05-24 18:36:21 UTC  

@Deleted User one is Dreamland by Sam Quiones

2018-05-24 18:36:38 UTC  

the other is just a basic overview by some doctor

2018-05-24 18:36:45 UTC  

and its more of a pamphlet

2018-05-24 18:36:52 UTC  

but seems like a good overview

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in 3 yrs you will see william blake becoming a popular cultural icon

2018-05-24 22:47:57 UTC  

look for it, it takes time but we will blend the sweet and sour of th eold ways again

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begone prot

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@scorch if you really want to improve you’re life read Ebola if you need a primer start with a handbook for right wing youth

2018-05-25 21:13:37 UTC  

thoughts on evola?

2018-05-25 21:31:55 UTC  

ebola he says wew

2018-05-25 21:52:15 UTC  

A philosopher every young European man should read

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Not even the book talk channel is sacred

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Currently reading Suicide of a Superpower

2018-05-30 01:18:56 UTC  

next is Dreamland by Sam Quiones (on the opioid epidemic)

2018-05-30 01:19:21 UTC  

then I have Stone's Rules and 33 Strategies of War in my shopping cart for when im ready

2018-05-30 01:19:30 UTC  

Also looking into Art of War

2018-05-30 01:19:32 UTC  

its a classic

2018-05-30 01:20:33 UTC  


2018-05-30 01:24:10 UTC  

give recommendations

2018-05-30 01:25:37 UTC  

I was looking into this one book called First Rate Madness

2018-05-30 01:25:51 UTC  

it links mental illness to good leadership

2018-05-30 01:25:58 UTC  

and sounds fascinating

2018-05-30 01:26:44 UTC  

it discusses how having a normie squarehead type of person cant think outside the box during a crisis

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2018-05-30 01:27:57 UTC  

jewyork times

2018-05-30 01:29:28 UTC  

you have anything on psychology?

2018-05-30 01:29:48 UTC  

ooo ya

2018-05-30 01:30:19 UTC  

I was actually thinking about getting Jerome Corsi's "Killing the Deep State"

2018-05-30 01:30:23 UTC  

its probably wild

2018-05-30 01:30:37 UTC  

about the FBI spying on Trump during the campaign