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@GG The Rat King where does he stand on the great man theory? tolsoty shits on it all the time

2018-06-20 21:10:12 UTC  

@Callaghan well he doesn't really hold to it but he's isn't a massive critics of it either , I'm a big fan of napoleon but Tolstoy trash him and the great man theory relentlessly but I still enjoyed his work war and peace no-one writes like Tolstoy and his russian view is quite intresting

2018-06-20 21:13:21 UTC  

@Callaghan my view of it is napoleon was a genius but without the wealth of talented administrators and generals that came up with him during the revolution he would have been very limited in what he could do . Take someone like his chief of staff Bierther he was in some ways essential to napoleon and you can sense napoleon's loss of him in the Waterloo campaign where his organisational skills where surley missed

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@GG The Rat King Thanks, I'm about halfway through war and peace now so im looking for more books on the war and napoleon. Any others you like?

2018-06-21 20:05:46 UTC  

Waterloo by david g chandler ,the second instalment of that series is spirt of the age which I'm reading right now and that author has many books on different parts of Europe @Callaghan if I think of any others il let u know

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Hey lol

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Why not read kokoro while you’re at it

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>name is shinjitsu
>calls other weeb for reading Mishima

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Mishima is like the opposite of weeb lol

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Peak weeb

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I’ll lend you my copy of kokoro when you’re done

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i lend my chode to ur moms butt hole

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Never saw this lol

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Wrong channel sorry lol

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i like to read books

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@cutchie i like you 😻

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Slick cover

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All Catholics should read this book

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he's good

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Anyone read Yukio Mishima?

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Looking for a woke Hitler biography

2018-07-04 17:56:36 UTC  

Mein Kampf?

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@sbbu Volker isn’t too much of a lib Hitler: Volume I: Ascent 1889–1939

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Very detailed

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this guy was on tucker tonight

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seems like a good one

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I am reading "Spring Snow"

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@sbbu bc of pewdipie?

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yeah lol