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random poster

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but it was posted before the media broke the fact that sessions quietly hired a prosecutor months ago

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and its true that theres 13,000+ sealed indictments

2018-03-12 23:04:39 UTC  

I heard there's always sealed indictments tho

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youtube fucking deleted his account those sick fucks

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thats literally scary

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his whole situation is

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the petition got a bunch of signatures and then slowed to a crawl, dammit

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petitions are usually gay but this one is important

2018-03-14 05:20:35 UTC  

We’ve got boss tweed levels of corruption running in this bitch, folks.

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I'm going to join tons of right-wing facebook groups and spread this

2018-03-14 05:30:33 UTC  

if we can get the alt-lite tweeting it out that would help too

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I'm so fired up about this case it's just too disgusting not to be

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send out the death squads to kill all the pedo elites

2018-03-14 05:33:29 UTC  

The sad thing is, we all know this shit happens on a massive scale but it's just so much evil that it's impossible to emotionally comprehend it all until you see it up-close and personal

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hollywood and the vatican also

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but no one is doing anything

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We need a Joe McCarthy but for pedos

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Daily reminder David Hogg's dad is ex FBI and carries a gun at all times. Daily reminder half of the Dems running are literally federal agents

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David Zogg

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Dont know if anyone has posted that yet

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Good vid

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@Solipsistic Vinarchy
I can't be hyped into an Alex-Jonesian pedo-hysteria.

2018-03-15 03:09:39 UTC  

@Gregory Malchuk I'd get hyped to route out some of the most vile scum to walk the Earth

2018-03-15 03:09:48 UTC  

remove them from our institutions

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the government

2018-03-15 03:09:56 UTC  

theyre everywhere

2018-03-15 03:10:18 UTC  

preying on the weakest and most precious members of society, kids

2018-03-15 12:13:12 UTC  

best resource to get redpilled on 9/11? any good youtube vids/documentaries?