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you can get an airgun that is lethal

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cant keep all the guns in the same placed

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Tactical walls are pretty dope though

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@🎭🎵 if you want ot be a serious person i can help you with gun laws in your area and any questions you may have

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concerning the mossy shockwave

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its treated as a "firearm" not a shotgun or long gun or pistol all you have to do is go to your local gunshop and see if they can order you one you will only have to do a backround check like most other firearms

2018-02-04 21:04:15 UTC  

your local shop will also be able to tell you if they are any picky laws in your state (MASS) i assume

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if you want to know about the mechanics of shotties i can help you with that as well

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I don't think you can get the shockwave

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both mossys and remis have safteys the remis have the saftey ont he trigger guard

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the mossy has it on the back on the reciver

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ill check

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good to see the serious side of breadpill

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not sure but i hink you need permits to own any guns

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in new york its so insanley convulouted now that im looking at it

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ive never seen anything like it

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I want

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Even if it's impractical and probably fake

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@🎭🎵 dude the best and qucikest way to find out is to ask the guy at your local mom and pop gun shop they should be aware pof all laws

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The forums told me no I think

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fourmns are wishy washy going to the local gun shop is a good experience to have the foks are alwyas update on laws cause they wont sell anything they cant

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to be honest getting a shockwave at your level is more of a gimmick

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Also going to the gun shop allows you to meet some good people

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you should go for a standard pump probably a mossy 590 with a good tube size

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a gimmick

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fucking boomers

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dude shut the fuck up im telling you truth without lots of expeorience its unweidly and hard to use

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i plan to get one as well but in most situations its not practical

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stop reading siege

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Mossberg is dope. i like mine. Killed a couple deer with it

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i love u

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mossy is golden

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Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

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Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

2018-02-04 22:34:25 UTC  

Mossberg isn't the gold standard though

2018-02-04 22:34:33 UTC  

I'd say Browning is the best way to go for a shot gun if you're willijng to spend the money for one