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These bad boys are the blue chip supreme stocks. They have massive profit /share numbers and will be increasing in value steadily as more and more people buy in. Getting here about 300/share means you will be able to enjoy some healthy dividends before you flip them when they become normie tier (200-250/share)

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You'll find that most of these operate in foreign countries. Thats because the markets for these countries are less differentiated than the US, and national industries act as monopolies in each country. Always be on the look out for IPOs from non-usa countries

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Next are my "buy the dip" picks. These are either decent normie stocks that had a massive selloff, lowering the price well below market value, or they inexplicably dropped in price despite having decent profits. Regardless, buy these suckers up for a quick flip once the price returns to where it was before the dropoff: (<---- pay extra attention to this one, because its owned by the ruler of germany)

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could you wire me like 10 grand? will repay one day

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I am Senator Marcus Licinius Crassus

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Finally, are my "ground floor/long-game" picks. These stocks are cheap, with tons of upside. Like I said earlier they are both from foreign nations where they could serve as monopolies. These are highly speculative and have a lot of risk, but the upside could be POWERFUL: (This is run by the prime minister of Japan, but other Japanese companies own a lot of automobile segments, so investor beware) (this one could be quite alpha chad. China has no financial companies, and almost none of the markets have been tapped by non financial corporations. The only drawback is that there are no Chinese stockholders that can become CEO. However, this appears to be the groundest of ground floors to build up from. If you have spare cash floating around and dont want to throw it into 1.5k + blue chips, id reccommend throwing some here)

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i got you @NickTheGreek

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Hope these suggestions help

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yup thanks

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The key is really just investing every cent you have into the market. Leaving it as liquid cash means you are losing money since the market is increasing almost every day. Plus when you own stocks, dividends are common and massive. It really helps you double you cash gain. If you just tend to putting your cash in the market and look at stocks like the ones I listed. You'll be a millionaire in no time

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@BottomoftheNinth should i enter the primary right away?

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Yeah, its your seat. defend it

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You wont get hit with AA until the last minute. Its better that you stake it out as your race before some fucker tries to box you out

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Any of y'all play Vermintide 2?

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wtf, niccolo machiavelli moved back into nevada

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we got two big players in nevada sandra and machiavelli

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we will punish them

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fella┬┤s i wanna ask a question

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do any of you play escape from tarkov

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If they really want to send two of their biggest guns to NV, thats their mistake.

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whats the hardest game for ps4

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I would probably recommend Bloodborne

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its free on psn

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and i beat it

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i need deep state games

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I saw that.

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also to other power players here, if we recruit anyone else check out colorado

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party influence is already close

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4 dem politicians and 3 repub

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only one repub is active i think so both senate seats are un challenged

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and neither party has anybody running for the house

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if we can get some one in colorado, in like 15 minutes we can pick up an unchallenged house seat

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heck, i heard the reset is happening today

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that sucks

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Post links to discord and the game itself plox @BottomoftheNinth

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