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Primitive Technology is 😤

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>builds shit in arcadia

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i know fertilizer derived from human feces is used in the US, however its only allowed for growing cattle feed and other things not directly consumed by humans

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compost, okay

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If you want to use human feces, put it in a compost bin with food waste and some worms

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Give it multiple months to process

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It sucks living in an apartment for all of this ): can't grow much of anything

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Right channel. 😏

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If you want to grow stuff inside, keep an aquarium. You can use the water from it to grow stuff in a bed of gravel. The fish fertilize the crop, and the crop filters the water

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What type of stuff would you suggest growing? I only have a studio apartment unfortunately

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Start with herbs

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Cilantro, chives

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And a small aquarium with some goldfish or koi

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is there any vegetables that would grow well in places like indiana?

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How would you suggest making the gravel pit? Like what sort of frame?

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I've got carpet so it can't be on the floor

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Just a small Tupperware container will work fine

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You'll want some sitting water just below the level of the gravel