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2017-09-20 20:15:12 UTC  

I reccomend green beans

2017-09-20 20:15:19 UTC  

Pretty strong plants

2017-09-20 20:15:21 UTC  


2017-09-20 20:15:24 UTC  

are you growing stuff right now

2017-09-20 20:15:29 UTC  
2017-09-20 20:15:44 UTC  

No, nothing in season

2017-09-20 20:15:59 UTC  

I'm in New England so I cant grow anything important rn

2017-09-20 20:17:47 UTC  

@ram3n Depending upon what you want to grow, you can also buy items from produce sections in stores and use the seeds within to grow more. Some seed stores tend to over price what they got, so that might save you some money too

2017-09-20 20:18:57 UTC  

also i forgot that i'm nearing fall/winter

2017-09-20 20:19:04 UTC  

so i'll wait until next year to start planting

2017-09-20 20:19:23 UTC  

in the meantime i'll find other things to do

2017-09-20 20:33:12 UTC  

Yeah, there is always cleaning up /maintenance, things like cooking to learn/do too

2017-09-20 20:34:08 UTC  

lifting samdbags

2017-09-20 20:34:12 UTC  


2017-09-20 20:38:27 UTC  

Are you expecting heavy rain and possible flooding?

2017-09-20 20:48:51 UTC  

If you want to start growing things, but you're limited in space and your local climate/soil isn't suitable, check out indoor growing tents

2017-09-20 20:48:54 UTC  

Oshion 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent Room (24"x 24"x 48")

2017-09-20 20:49:38 UTC  

I'm considering getting a larger one so I can grow some vegetables during the winter

2017-09-20 20:50:54 UTC  

i have my backyard to use for growing things

2017-09-20 20:51:27 UTC  

but i do need to clear out an old swing set + maybe flatten it

2017-09-20 20:53:29 UTC  

growing things is so comfy

2017-09-20 20:53:35 UTC  

too bad im stuck in an apartment

2017-09-20 20:53:58 UTC  

You can get one of those Topsy Turvey things

2017-09-20 20:54:00 UTC  


2017-09-20 20:55:52 UTC  

i feel like that's just a scam

2017-09-20 20:56:09 UTC  

I've read a bit about them

2017-09-20 20:56:16 UTC  

People are pretty happy about them

2017-09-20 20:56:24 UTC  

You can make a DIY version too so

2017-09-20 21:27:54 UTC  

For the NEETs among us, start this ASAP. Maybe the single most valuable course I've even gone through. It will help you understand yourself and those around you. Extremely helpful in particular if you suffer social anxiety or depresson. Watch one video a day and give yourself about 20 mins after each session to think and intregrate what you learned.

2017-09-20 21:28:33 UTC  

If you have any questions, or just want to talk, you are welcome to PM me.

2017-09-20 22:16:09 UTC  

^seconded, it's a must watch

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2017-09-21 00:51:46 UTC  

Check out the kratky hydroponic method. It's almost completely hands-off and can grow vegs indoors year round. Here's some lettuce I'm growing now.

2017-09-21 01:02:09 UTC  

Thats awesome! How often are our able to harvest it?

2017-09-21 01:15:40 UTC  

This summer I did my first bit of farming, just a patch of 1x2 meters, but it taught me tons 😄

2017-09-21 01:15:50 UTC  


2017-09-21 01:16:03 UTC  

For instance - peas will conquer everyfuckingthing, peas took over everything, even other peas.

2017-09-21 01:16:18 UTC  

you'll have to give me some tips for a first time farmer next spring lol

2017-09-21 01:16:25 UTC  

When I was clearing it out a week ago there were like twice the "surface" amount of peas beneath, that were almost dead etc lol

2017-09-21 01:16:30 UTC  

For sure! 😄

2017-09-21 01:16:44 UTC  

First: *Don't put things too close to one another*