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2017-09-21 22:22:30 UTC  

they won't want to stay

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2017-09-21 22:22:38 UTC  

because they can't stand labor

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2017-09-21 22:22:53 UTC  

And again, private land is private land

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2017-09-21 22:23:50 UTC  

also since mossy rock has quite a few rivers

2017-09-21 22:23:58 UTC  

would be nice to get a water wheel up and running

2017-09-21 22:24:05 UTC  

for energy + milling

2017-09-21 22:24:09 UTC  

I was thinking the same

2017-09-21 22:24:30 UTC  


2017-09-21 22:24:33 UTC  

Not to mention the aesthetic value alone lol

2017-09-21 22:25:16 UTC  

water wheel + coil generator

2017-09-21 22:25:17 UTC  

Is there a class I should take to learn about this or stuffbi should watch? I have no experience in wood working

2017-09-21 22:25:28 UTC  

take manufacturing and construction or something

2017-09-21 22:25:32 UTC  

or electrical engineering

2017-09-21 22:26:05 UTC  

Theres probably some in your nearest community college.

2017-09-21 22:26:50 UTC  

Woodworking is pretty eassy to learn the basics of.

2017-09-21 22:27:34 UTC  


2017-09-21 22:29:17 UTC  

i once read somewhere that whaterwheels were historically a huge economic stepping stone when they were invented, we definitely have to look into building one

2017-09-21 22:31:50 UTC  

I kind of imagine this whole project taking a rustic Germanic/Nordic folkish sort of aesthetic to it.

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2017-09-21 22:32:18 UTC  

What I mean is be prepared for every white nationalist group in existence to be taking photos of us for propaganda lol

2017-09-21 22:32:31 UTC  

Especially once we moving the families in

2017-09-21 22:32:36 UTC  


2017-09-21 22:43:20 UTC  

Guys, I hate to say it but mossy rock isn't gonna work. Just look at the prices per acre. We could buy one acre on the island or 20 on the mainland.

2017-09-21 22:43:53 UTC  

I'd say too, if we're planning to try and expand, an island isn't the place to start.

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2017-09-21 22:47:59 UTC  

Do we have any comparable mainland locations?

2017-09-21 22:50:58 UTC  

washington oregon
Both of these places are large enough to support a few people and close enough to a large city for jobs and supplies.

2017-09-21 22:54:28 UTC  

Those process aren't bad

2017-09-21 22:54:31 UTC  


2017-09-21 22:55:07 UTC  

Yeah, if everybody chipped in a few grand we could move in next week.

2017-09-21 22:55:32 UTC  

Let alone in a year once more people are ready to move in

2017-09-21 22:55:45 UTC  

How are we gonna pool our money together by the way?

2017-09-21 22:56:23 UTC  

Is there like a private version of pages like gofundme just so we can keep giving until we have enough?

2017-09-21 22:56:28 UTC  

No idea, hoping someone else would figure that out.

2017-09-21 22:56:54 UTC  

Where's our money goy in this group?

2017-09-21 22:56:57 UTC  


2017-09-21 22:57:05 UTC  

or we could maybe open up a joint account