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>tfw mexican has right idea for once

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@Rin I'm aware, I have a 30 minute one way right now. I'd rather be doing something useful than be stuck in the car. Youre in CA so you don't have to deal with snow. that stuff fucks up commuting bad.

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Dude, Spics and Nogs hate each other more than.. Pretty much anything

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I'm not in CA, I used to be.

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@Nix they fight over gibs.

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I'm in the south.

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Gibs and territory to accrue more gibs,

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@Rin do you remember a few years ago when atlanta was paralyzed by 2 inches of snow. We'd be moving to an area that gets 10 times as much.

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But anyway, if you choose to farm for a living from a hatred of commutes, that totally fine as long as you leave yourself enough to self sustain. Noone is going to mandate that from others though.

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That's my only point, that and that all skillsets are welcome.

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Yeah, I almost died laughing at them.

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They get a dusting of snow and the whole city is paralyzed.

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Is it a cooncidence that ATL has such a low white percentage?

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I think not.

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Meanwhile, in N. AL we get 4-6 inches of snow almost every season, and my primarily white communty functions as normal. Except maybe no school for the kids.

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Shoveling snow is also great for the lower back

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Because they don't want to run the busses, guess what color a lot of the bus drivers are?

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Dude in high school I remember have to wake up early to shovel out my driveway from the 6 inches we got the night before so

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Yellow - not because they're Asian, but because they are cowards

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I could drive to school.

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Need more mapfags.

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Arizona saw snow in the valley twice in my lifetime, it was great

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Ever try snowboarding?

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Nobody came to school because they were all touching the cacti because _snow???_ and then getting prickers in their hands

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I used to go boarding often when I lived in the Bay Area.

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Not so much anymore. Nowhere close to go.

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Oh no way. California I heard is fantastic.

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We went up to the grandparents' place with plastic boards and just slid down hills, don't think it counts as snowboarding.

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No, not really Nix.

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Yeah. We rarely had the time to really go out, parents couldn't ever get time off work. Would've liked to try once, though.

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Its not to late man. You're in the US I bet there is a mountain within a 6 hour drive.

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Damn, I thought I had that gif of the dude with the snow sled that nails the dildo to the tree..... I fucking died the first time I saw that.

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There is, but I have nobody to go with and no car bc poorfag rn. Jewniversity is eating up all my funding. It sucks, big time.

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this is why i'm not going to university or college

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Yeah in the USA