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2018-01-16 16:58:47 UTC  

If you're autistic

2018-01-16 16:58:55 UTC  

Woah based ad hominem

2018-01-16 16:59:14 UTC  

Happens when someone just used "uh I'm not God" as an actual argument

2018-01-16 16:59:32 UTC  

Really though, you can't believe that everyone is equal but also recognise that racial iq differences exist

2018-01-16 17:00:01 UTC  

Why is there a distinction? Probably due to culture and environment.

2018-01-16 17:00:19 UTC  

Was this part of God's plan? I can't fathom to know.

2018-01-16 17:00:50 UTC  

Or I don't have a positive assertion to a God I should say

2018-01-16 17:01:01 UTC  

>doesn't believe in God
>posts in the Christian channel

2018-01-16 17:01:10 UTC  

Ten outta ten my dude

2018-01-16 17:01:28 UTC  

>can't defend Calvinism going beyond 1 layer deep

2018-01-16 17:02:12 UTC  

You realize any ideology that you differ with could use the exact same argument you have. I could argue for gods existence far better than you because I have read these religious texts

2018-01-16 17:02:34 UTC  

Ok fedora lad

2018-01-16 17:02:50 UTC  

So no argument for Calvinism?

2018-01-16 17:03:18 UTC  

Okay lets look at Christian theology

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2018-01-16 17:03:44 UTC  

Does the Bible recognise the tribalistic nature of humanity?

2018-01-16 17:03:55 UTC  

I.e. that differences between groups are inherent

2018-01-16 17:04:00 UTC  

Yeah of course

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2018-01-16 17:04:28 UTC  

You're making a conclusion that requires a jump from there that you're not justifying though

2018-01-16 17:04:39 UTC  

Did God make humans as agents of their own free will to some extent?

2018-01-16 17:05:05 UTC  

Let's say yes completely given agency for the sake of the argument

2018-01-16 17:05:26 UTC  

God's nature by it's very definition is essentially a mystery. All we have are the remaining texts that he left to us. That is what we know him by and what we can interpret his will as.

2018-01-16 17:06:00 UTC  

Wait hold up I wanna hear his reasoning

2018-01-16 17:06:04 UTC  

Ok then. Is it the fault of God then that some humans chose to collectivise themselves into groups that are inferior than others?

2018-01-16 17:06:22 UTC  

Sounds like Deism almost.

2018-01-16 17:06:30 UTC  

The reasoning I mean.

2018-01-16 17:06:30 UTC  

In Calvinism *yes*

2018-01-16 17:06:33 UTC  

Thomas is right though - I can't make objective assertions regarding the motives of God

2018-01-16 17:06:42 UTC  

This is my problem with what you're saying

2018-01-16 17:07:23 UTC  

In Calvinism it 100% is the fault of God that people do these things. Both collectivizing and being individually immoral

2018-01-16 17:07:34 UTC  

It's why I don't like Calvinism

2018-01-16 17:08:10 UTC  

Then so be it. In your interpretation, Christians should be egalitarian and that is also quite clearly false based upon Christian theology

2018-01-16 17:08:19 UTC  

God obviously gave humans a certain degree of agency while at the same time outlining some form or another a means of possible, or at least plausible predestination.

2018-01-16 17:08:44 UTC  

No they shouldn't be because predestination is wrong, Calvinism is based on predestination and that is that

2018-01-16 17:08:50 UTC  

In a theological sense, one cannot exist without the other.

2018-01-16 17:08:53 UTC  

By extension it's wrong

2018-01-16 17:09:04 UTC  

No you can't have both

2018-01-16 17:10:17 UTC  

Contradictions can persist everywhere that our minds can't comprehend. We know of only three dimensions, but that does not exclusively mean we do not feel the effects of a fourth, or that one does not exist somewhere.

2018-01-16 17:10:39 UTC  

Sure but you can't make any claim that's not the same as a contradicting

2018-01-16 17:10:48 UTC  

Of course you can. Otherwise why would humans be moral at all? If they are ascertained to not be one of the 'chosen few' then why do they not use their autonomy to live a hedonistic lifestyle? Because one can never truly know whether one is or isn't part of said chosen few and as such it's in one's best interest to act in a moral way.