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"The March to Zion"(?)

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anderson is not orthodox

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He's protestant, correct?

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Attributes -Bell
-Broken tray
-Broken cup and serpent representing poison
-Broken utensil
-Man in a Benedictine cowl holding Benedict's rule or a rod of discipline
Patronage -Against poison
-Against witchcraft
-Agricultural workers
-Civil engineers
-Dying people
-Gall stones
-Heerdt (Germany)
-Heraldry and Officers of arms
-the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
-Inflammatory diseases
-Italian architects
-Kidney disease
-Nettle rash
-Norcia, (Italy)
-People in religious orders
-Schoolchildren and students
-Servants who have broken their master's belongings

Also, here's the aspects of Saint Benedict. *he is officially, /oursaint/*.

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anderson is a faggot tbh

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@Thomas what is this about?

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What the Benedictine stuff?

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It's all about Saint Benedict, his life, his purpose in the church, so on, so forth.

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The shroud has always fascinated me.

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But the fact that it's being stored away by that cunt, Francis,

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makes me annoyed.

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@🎭🎵 If you're interested in those specific details then I recommend you read "A Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel.

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Goes into allll of that.

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I'm about to finish Confessions

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Should i read city of god next

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Or everlasting man

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On Being and Essence

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*It was fifteen twenty-seven...*
*gave their lives on the steps to heaven...*
__***THY WILL BE DONE***__

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TFW no christian community to help me keep the faith

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bad faith!

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Find a Latin Mass church.

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I have all the info necessary for attendance to one right up there.

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I'll try to go to one but I like to go with my grandmother I didn't go with her last week either. But I guess I gotta save my soul eh

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I'd like to talk to one of you Catholic mass goers for a quick rundown before I go

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Were/are you Catholic? Have you ever been to a Latin Mass or novus ordo Mass?

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Harsh neg

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Yes I am a Catholic

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Okay just making sure lol

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For the TLM really all you have to do is dress nice and show up. There's nothing complicated about it

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Most Mass centers have paper missals you can use to follow along in Latin and English

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@Simon Scola hey i approve it doesnt come with a necklace though which i knew so i use 550 paracord to wear mine which is a strong utility type fiber that i prefer for survival and durability purposes

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So the Spanish civil war was in fact blessed as a crusade.

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I had my doubts but I was pretty sure.

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Alright, did a bit of looking around, and if you are to bless a Saint Benedict medallion, always have it done by a Benedictine priest if you can find one.