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2018-02-16 07:09:59 UTC  

I am going to a Wels Lutheran church because they are traditional. They don't even allow women preachers or women in any authority at all, LOL. The preachers have to go to 8 years of college and learn Hebrew and Greek. They work to stay true to the word. I grew up in the Southern Baptist and that is literally like a pop up church - the worst of protestantism. I don't think they even have to be formally educated to start a baptist church.

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Yes that sounds significantly better than most.

2018-02-16 07:10:46 UTC  

There are 4 types of Lutheran, from traditional, to totally gay.

2018-02-16 07:10:58 UTC  

I am in the most traditional (and smallest) group.

2018-02-16 07:11:20 UTC  

That is mildly depressing.

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What're their views on contraception?

2018-02-16 07:11:29 UTC  

Yes, everyone goes to the gay one.

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That's a good question. I don't know as it is not relevant to me. I am old πŸ˜ƒ I will look it up though.

2018-02-16 07:12:56 UTC  

I appreciate it.

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I will see if I can find a formal statement.

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I can't find anything more on the topic right now.

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It's fine. I appreciate the dedication.

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I saw some post by Fox News on instagram about dog petting for comfort at some β€œprayer” group for the Florida shooting. What a joke

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I’ve been to their services too. The heresy is too much

2018-02-16 07:32:05 UTC  

how is dog petting heresy

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@Broseph <:bigguy:402401397892710411>

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Two different posts pal

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Their services are

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The dog petting just shows what a joke they are

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literally nothing wrong with dog petting

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stop being so angry

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No meat today fellas

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Fellas, I’m volunteering with the KoC tonight at the fish fry. I’m only one under 50

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We NEED young men to get involved at our churches

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@Broseph I tried to join the knights of colombus but they were diffucult and I never got told the time of when I was to join and I missed it

2018-02-16 20:31:29 UTC  

I might try to join a branch at another parish

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@🎭🎡 same happened to me actually. You just gotta pressure them I guess. I’m gonna talk to my Grand Knight tonight about it cuz he missed my email 2 months ago and I was busy when he finally responded

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Good group if you can find an active circle

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Grand Knight reminds me of a grand wizard

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Grand cyclops is peak optics

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If any of you live in NW Indiana there are a ton of very active KoC groups

2018-02-17 00:19:26 UTC  

And even more active beer gardens

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