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chicago is one of the most segrefated city

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the reason is obvious

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Sleight do you have any particular fraternity or religious order that does your masses?

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does your church only do Latin Mass?

2018-04-30 03:54:51 UTC  

i think so

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that's nice over here you pretty much have find like a fraternity or religious order to get a Latin mass.

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i was pretty lucky to find this church as my first

2018-04-30 03:57:14 UTC  

You know some latin now?

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im off now

2018-04-30 03:57:58 UTC  

going out with friends

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cool talking with you though

2018-04-30 03:58:06 UTC  

you a chill guy

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I love God

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You better

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god loves you

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there is no source for the numbers there or that it happens in the places he says it does he doesnt even link the site for sourcing does anyone know of it or if the ones responsible were caught

2018-04-30 21:17:22 UTC  

Guys I've been getting black pilled over the state of the church. Francis, for one. But really studying Vatican II and the change of the mass makes me feel as if the heart of the church is missing. I don't want to be a sedevacantist. Would appreciate the prayers, and anything you guys can add

2018-04-30 22:18:48 UTC  

By 2040 the majority of priests in France will be enrolled in traditionalist orders

2018-04-30 22:19:12 UTC  

The true beauty of Catholicism is that it always bounces back by design

2018-04-30 22:36:50 UTC  

That's good news 🙏 didnt know that

2018-04-30 22:45:31 UTC  

The next Pope will be a traditionalist

2018-04-30 22:45:56 UTC  

Francis has completely failed to make the structural and doctrinal changes he wanted

2018-05-01 00:14:50 UTC  

I pray that he will be

2018-05-01 00:15:16 UTC  

We need one. People must be drawn to the church again

2018-05-01 09:22:07 UTC  

@Bret This isn’t the first time we’ve had a bad pope or a bad council. The traditional liturgy will be back. Check out Charles Coulombe’s videos for some encouragement on this subject

2018-05-02 12:23:46 UTC  

Bring back Pius XII

2018-05-02 21:03:37 UTC  

the next pope needs to be called pius and he will be based