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Read aloud

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are you asking if you have to recite the tridentine creed when you get baptised in the catholic church?

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Or do they accept my baptism and I just need confirmation

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no you recite the nicene
but there is 4 creeds the Catholic Church uses that and the Athanasian creed is what people normally have problems with

2018-07-23 23:11:13 UTC  

if you were baptised in an Anglican Church you have a valid baptism

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What problems I see nothing objectionable if your a true believer

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big brained in here

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gotta defend the faith

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G**gle is satanic don't let their lies deceive you

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i have no doubt they r satanic but i do think something is happening

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i didnt load all my mags for nothing

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Man that is born of a woman
hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery.
He cometh up, and is cut down like a flow'r.
He flee'th as it were a shadow,
and ne'er continueth in one stay.

In the midst of life we are in death:
of whom may we seek for succour,
but of thee, O Lord, who for our sins art justly displeased?
Yet, O Lord God most holy, O Lord most mighty, O holy and most merciful Saviour, deliver us not into the bitter pains of eternal death.

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Absolute state of Lutherans

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Most Christian denominations have nasty lefties, let's be honest

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they all do

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it's the major heresy of our age

2018-07-25 03:11:11 UTC  

Well folks, just remember the Arian heresy and how hopeless that seemed.

2018-07-25 03:11:39 UTC  

Literally not an area in Europe not controlled by Arians save for Rome, and the Church still prevailed.

2018-07-25 05:37:55 UTC  

and now arianism is practically dead

2018-07-25 05:38:09 UTC  

very few denominations deny the trinity

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you telling me

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that the dinosaurs

2018-07-25 06:21:16 UTC  

weren't really dragons

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I am apart of the Lutheran Missouri synod and we DO NOT accept fags. Sodomy is a sin! Anyone that goes against god shall face his judgement when Christ returns.

2018-07-25 09:43:50 UTC  

Like being Protestant...

2018-07-25 09:45:33 UTC  

Like naked boys coming out of birthday cakes at the Vatican. Feat Pope Leo X.

2018-07-25 09:46:12 UTC  

Pedophiles burn just like all sodomites.

2018-07-25 09:48:20 UTC  

Kill ya local gay priest

2018-07-25 14:56:03 UTC  

@God is good. nobody here is going to defend gay priests, don't act like you're the **based protestant** just because your Missouri Synod Lutheran

2018-07-25 17:10:06 UTC  

@God is good. you fed do not spread anti catholic propaganda in this server its a bannable offence