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2018-08-06 20:00:49 UTC  

Combat rosary

2018-08-06 20:00:54 UTC  

In gun metal

2018-08-06 20:01:09 UTC  

From Roman catholic gear

2018-08-06 20:18:09 UTC  

I have a glow in the dark one from 2nd grade

2018-08-06 21:06:34 UTC  

its a family shrine you dickheads cherish the crafts the kids make to venerate the faith

2018-08-06 21:27:25 UTC  

Well, if the kid made it then alright

2018-08-06 21:28:17 UTC

2018-08-06 22:33:56 UTC  

Make the family altar the center of your home, not the television

2018-08-06 22:41:56 UTC  

yeah ya dicks

2018-08-07 10:07:32 UTC  

pretty sweet aho

2018-08-07 10:07:42 UTC  

very wholesome imo imo

2018-08-07 19:21:13 UTC  

The admin of this Christian server has asked me to shill come here if you want to talk about christianity with fellow christians.

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2018-08-14 19:51:02 UTC  

these pedo priestS need to be executed and we need a NEW INQUIstion

2018-08-14 20:00:08 UTC  

should catholics abandon the church until its fixed

2018-08-14 20:04:32 UTC  


2018-08-14 20:04:49 UTC  

they should fight tooth and nail to take it back and sned every single last demon back to hell

2018-08-14 20:04:54 UTC  

begome nietzschean

2018-08-14 20:12:30 UTC  

>tfw i like the catholic church but im immoral and sin all the time
Its hard being an aristocrat

2018-08-14 20:18:07 UTC  

I want to convert to catholicism

2018-08-14 20:18:19 UTC  

I'm getting more disillusioned with protestantism everyday

2018-08-14 20:18:29 UTC  

but my parents would flip the fuck out if I did

2018-08-14 20:20:36 UTC  

what kind of prot are they

2018-08-14 20:20:43 UTC  


2018-08-14 20:21:00 UTC  

you could always keep it a secret
And yeah theres no reconciling that haha

2018-08-14 20:21:23 UTC

2018-08-14 20:21:27 UTC  

yeah but then when I marry a catholic wife it would start to get hard to just keep it a secret

2018-08-14 20:21:49 UTC  

Yeah i guess just break it to them slowly over time

2018-08-14 20:22:22 UTC  

Stephen Anderson is pretty based but besides him baptists are brainlets

2018-08-14 20:41:33 UTC  

any good prot v catholic texts/debates

2018-08-15 01:06:52 UTC  

Leopirate v Nick when