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Serious political discussion/stories

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Sincere Question: How could we appropriately and feasibly solve Japan's withering national fertility rates, and repeal the post-war limitations on their military?

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> how do we solve japan

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> we

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I left 4chan for a reason, queer. It's an actual question. I just want opinion solutions on a problem I think plagues a nation. In the same way I would ask about Sweden's shitty political mindset.

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I remember reading a tweet where they subsidized childbearing in a town in japan and fertitlity doubled

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so there's your answer

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It was today or yesterday too

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But if we're reduced to America, then how do we increase nationalistic sentiment in The Rust Belt?

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@🎭🎵 WrathOfGnon?

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better local communities through stronger churches/governments

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Follow Wrath if you don't, one of the absolute best timelines on twitter

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it was

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Japan is going to have the constitution reform in 2 years.

2018-01-15 17:21:14 UTC  

Repeal Artical 9

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So it will be remilitarized

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2018-01-16 05:28:28 UTC  

El Salvadors government says that return of TPS illegals would benefit their economy

Liberals should agree since they thing illegal immigrants boost wages and create jobs instead of lowering and taking them

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@Huge Brain Oliver yes, new emperor in 2019

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@Phallogos @Huge Brain Oliver What are the odds that the new emperor will be a cuck? As I understand it Akihito has had a great deal of reverence for his position. Will the next in line be Prince Harry-tier?