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2018-01-16 22:51:40 UTC  

cmon fella

2018-01-16 22:51:47 UTC  

people are having to retrain their replacements

2018-01-16 22:51:50 UTC  

its horrible

2018-01-16 23:12:04 UTC  

@Gregory Malchuk An open eugenics program in the United States is highly unrealistic, the public still associates anything with eugenics to nazism

@🎭🎵 I'm for cutting immigration worker programs as much as possible, at the current rate though we take in around 1.3 million immigrants a year. Only 1 in 15 are here because of their skills, it's better to take in high skill immigrants with low birth rates than to take in low skill ones with high birth rates

2018-01-16 23:30:40 UTC  

SOFT eugenics. Like child payments scaled based on the IQ of the parents.

2018-01-16 23:36:22 UTC  

@Gregory Malchuk You really think government officials would allow that though? You've gotta have your policies grounded in reality here.

2018-01-16 23:37:09 UTC  

It is aspirational. A longer term goal.

2018-01-16 23:44:48 UTC  

immigration law should be based on a fliexible set of rules instead of something set it stone

2018-01-16 23:45:05 UTC  

which I mean it kinda is, I just dont like the idea of a bill not adapting to changing times

2018-01-16 23:45:35 UTC  

if the bill says to take in doctors 10 years before and now our doctors are getting displaced we should be able to retweak who we let in withoutr having to pass a bill through congress

2018-01-16 23:45:48 UTC  

which I think is already the case consitutionally it just isnt done

2018-01-17 15:17:51 UTC  

boys, obviously we know trump being “mentally unstable” is a meme (stable genius). but my boss, chairman of state republican party, was at white house for christmas dinner and was waiting in large mob of people to say hello to the president. when he finally got up there my boss introduced himself and trump immediately recalled the names of each senator in my state and governor that was up for re-election this year and was genuinely interested in how they’re looking. he also offered to fly out and have a rally here on behalf of our governor. shows me he is engaged, focused, and devoted.

2018-01-17 21:19:35 UTC  

@bress222 Based, you should take you boss' place

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Good dude

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@Thomas rather you use the here command just makes more sense

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I thought normies couldnt use everyone

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normie uprising

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2018-01-19 05:24:32 UTC  

@everyone attending the March For Life tomorrow, 1/19, I wish you the best of luck. We must defend our unborn brothers. A society that cannot protect the defenseless will fall to degeneracy. I pray that any attending may have success and bring others to our side

2018-01-19 05:29:24 UTC  

@Broseph I really really wanted to attend this year, good luck man

2018-01-19 05:29:34 UTC  

Hopefully i will be there next year

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What about nigger babies

2018-01-19 07:02:16 UTC  

Can we still abort them

2018-01-19 07:02:20 UTC  

And beaners

2018-01-19 07:15:07 UTC  

Obviously the death of any innocent is a tragedy, and should not be treated as truly a tangible viable solution in a civilized state. What concerns me is that we're presently reaching the point where it has become a moral conundrum as to whether or not we would like these people (who are almost our racial enemies in many ways and facets of society) to kill their children so that they do not replace us. If I'm totally honest with myself and others, I have to admit I am quite literally at a moral crossroad when it comes to this.

2018-01-19 07:25:48 UTC  

Here’s the facts. Over 40 million white babies have been directly aborted or had the conception negated through abortive contraceptives. There is your population replacement

2018-01-19 07:26:01 UTC  

Abortion is completely correlated with white genocide

2018-01-19 07:27:13 UTC  

Fair enough to me.

2018-01-19 07:32:27 UTC  

If you think minority birth rates are a problem, abortion is not the solution. If we had kept immigration under control and kept the white birth rate up then it wouldn’t have happened. Increasing infertility, abortion, lack of family in whites, and bringing in more immigrants is what is replacing us

2018-01-19 07:32:41 UTC  

Abortion must end for all our citizens

2018-01-19 07:33:17 UTC  

Abortion doesn't hurt

2018-01-19 07:33:22 UTC  

For now

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2018-01-19 07:34:06 UTC  

The contraceptive stat is ridiculous to use

2018-01-19 07:35:04 UTC  

Not at all

2018-01-19 07:35:29 UTC  

Over 60 million dead and 100s of millions prevented from surviving is no joke

2018-01-19 07:35:39 UTC  

Communism is fine compared to abortion

2018-01-19 07:36:07 UTC  

You don't get to use contraception for your numbers

2018-01-19 07:37:12 UTC  

Why not?