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2018-07-08 23:36:26 UTC  

They’re friends

2018-07-08 23:36:32 UTC  

DUP would support him too

2018-07-08 23:36:41 UTC  

Brexit hardliners all of them

2018-07-08 23:36:51 UTC  

🙏🏻 please God

2018-07-08 23:37:08 UTC  

It sounds to me like yall r in a pretty good position then

2018-07-08 23:37:16 UTC  

Oh man wat would brodesdant dup do about gadolic mogg???? No one had thought of this

2018-07-08 23:37:29 UTC  

They're like hardline orange order guys

2018-07-08 23:37:41 UTC

2018-07-08 23:38:09 UTC  

@Akira Kurusu It’s weird , but Mogg is a unionist just like DUP

2018-07-08 23:38:16 UTC  

lets say Davis becomes PM

2018-07-08 23:38:33 UTC  

would his entire term be served handling Brexit?

2018-07-08 23:38:39 UTC  

To DUP the union of this Kingdom is more important than religion

2018-07-08 23:38:43 UTC  

or would he be able to pass migration issues too

2018-07-08 23:38:51 UTC  

and deport all these refugees

2018-07-08 23:38:56 UTC  

and if he can, would he?

2018-07-08 23:39:05 UTC  

Migration will have too wait [email protected] Brexit unfortunately

2018-07-08 23:39:11 UTC  

As the EU still controls it

2018-07-08 23:39:23 UTC  


2018-07-08 23:39:33 UTC  

so you cant deport anyone till you leave?

2018-07-08 23:39:43 UTC  

But he’d have no problem working with Farage- Davis was one of the people requesting May use Nigel in negotiations

2018-07-08 23:39:49 UTC  

We can deport illegals

2018-07-08 23:40:01 UTC  

would he be Salvini-tier?

2018-07-08 23:40:02 UTC  

But it’s harder under EU rules

2018-07-08 23:40:15 UTC  

And the Courts are cucked too

2018-07-08 23:40:44 UTC  

Plus illegals get legal aid to drag their case out funded by the tax payer of

2018-07-08 23:40:47 UTC  


2018-07-08 23:40:58 UTC  

How long would you estimate it'd take to officially pull out of the EU?

2018-07-08 23:41:09 UTC  

We can do a clean break rn

2018-07-08 23:41:11 UTC  

Like, looking a map up on google images and it not be on there

2018-07-08 23:41:22 UTC  

But that is unlikely

2018-07-08 23:41:23 UTC  

This is interdasting :DDD

2018-07-08 23:41:29 UTC  

Probably a few years

2018-07-08 23:41:55 UTC  

2020 latest hopefully

2018-07-08 23:42:09 UTC  

But it'd be written in stone and under betters terms with Davis

2018-07-08 23:42:20 UTC  

while May kept trying to push it back and leave with shit terms

2018-07-08 23:42:21 UTC  

But as MY had fuckecup the first two years of negotiations so it might be longer

2018-07-08 23:42:41 UTC  

N o t e r m l i m i t m o g g s u p r e m a c y

2018-07-08 23:42:45 UTC  

Yeah Davis wouldn’t compromise he’s a man of integrity

2018-07-08 23:42:55 UTC  


2018-07-08 23:42:56 UTC  

That’s the one good thing here no term limit lol

2018-07-08 23:43:00 UTC