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@Solipsistic Vinarchy Last time I went to London I saw hardly any whites

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Until I went to Parliament

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I have a friend who goes to Europe pretty often, he says London is indistinguishable from New York or something but fewer East Asians and more Muslims

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Walking across London Bridge I had blacks screaming at me about weird Prot denominations that you’ve never heard of

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It's a wonderful, diverse mixture without much of its own identity! Just what we Globalists™ want. Amiright, fellow Globalists™?

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Lol the optimism

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It’ll be a placeholder whilst the election happens

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So in the morning it’s May or like Gove or some shit

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A leadership election Weill take about a month

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I think the football must be getting to people i never seen ppl have any hope since june 24th 16

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I’ve always had some hope

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i’m watching sky news rn

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Soccer does crazy things to men's brains. I wouldn't doubt if it's a big part of the stuff going down in the UK

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@bress222 Hoe tragic is it that Dky is the best news we have here

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I am too tho

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Imma turn tv on rn lol

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1:15am who cares lol

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lol it’s a brown woman speaking rn meta

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It’s about Thailand rn

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they just changed to that yeah

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@bress222 One of the presenters is literally called Fiasal Islam

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He’s Cheif political correspondent

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You know someone is a cuck when they complain that the bbc is too nice to Are Nige and Moggy

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Another resignation- Brexit under Secretary

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Was about to poast lmao

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Boris can fuck right off, he’s a traitor if he tries to run back to ERG he can get lost

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Like this is the biggest U.K. political news in ages WTf

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Tryna bury it????