Message from C Dub in Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk

2018-03-17 01:34:58 UTC  

don't counter signal autists
it should be against the rules

2018-03-17 01:35:01 UTC  

Damn I would have lol

2018-03-17 01:35:06 UTC  

I want to know his take on Ryan

2018-03-17 01:35:16 UTC  

I didn't know shit about Ryan until a few weeks ago

2018-03-17 01:35:21 UTC  

same with me

2018-03-17 01:35:21 UTC  

Seems like a good fella

2018-03-17 01:35:33 UTC  

I have another reason to go to Chicago

2018-03-17 01:35:58 UTC  

he went after enoch as well said he was incorrect about some facts, but then halsey lied too

2018-03-17 01:37:04 UTC  

Enoch is a tard

2018-03-17 01:37:29 UTC  

Sven > Enoch

2018-03-17 01:37:35 UTC  

Enoch is fat lol

2018-03-17 01:37:36 UTC  


2018-03-17 01:42:10 UTC  
2018-03-17 01:42:27 UTC  

Not me man lol I just clicked and dragged nickers

2018-03-17 01:44:23 UTC  

@Marcus Antonius so for next time to call in what I gotta do? I just call in from the iphone app?

2018-03-17 01:44:38 UTC  

Yeah you would just join lobby and I'll move you in

2018-03-17 01:44:56 UTC  

When you connect to VC on mobile it uses your mic automatically I'm pretty sure

2018-03-17 01:45:24 UTC  

kewl kewl does the mic auto-mute and un-mute so I'm not interrupting, etc?

2018-03-17 01:46:07 UTC  

Hmm that I'm not too sure of, I'll look into it before the next show though if you remind me

2018-03-17 01:46:39 UTC  

Alright, will do. Would love to call in but don't want to make it look unprofessional

2018-03-17 03:16:17 UTC  

We need a special role for the guy that called Nick gay in the call in show imo

2018-03-17 04:11:42 UTC  

who was it

2018-03-17 04:11:57 UTC  
2018-03-17 04:12:11 UTC  

@Polybius no it doesnt

2018-03-17 05:40:13 UTC  
2018-03-17 06:42:09 UTC  

Good show tonight

2018-03-18 00:39:06 UTC  

Who called me gay in the call in show? I don't remember that

2018-03-18 02:55:25 UTC  

Happens at 1:00:34. I Lmao'd

2018-03-18 03:03:36 UTC  

Oh lolol

2018-03-18 03:03:42 UTC  

Yeah Bobop

2018-03-18 03:03:48 UTC  

Fucking bobop

2018-03-18 03:50:43 UTC  

Nick have you seen Black Panther? @Nicholas J Fuentes

2018-03-18 05:29:46 UTC  


2018-03-18 06:06:34 UTC  


2018-03-18 15:50:35 UTC  

@Thomas idk if he has but Richard Spencer has

2018-03-18 15:50:39 UTC  

and he *liked it*

2018-03-18 15:50:49 UTC  

imagine my shock

2018-03-18 19:36:56 UTC  

Who tf let u out of girl chat

2018-03-18 19:49:13 UTC  

They’re allowed in a few channels, but not general

2018-03-18 19:52:04 UTC  

Should lock em up in girlchat and throw away the key tbh

2018-03-18 19:52:28 UTC  

We should have a parallel AmFirst Girl server