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2018-08-22 04:07:05 UTC  

I just cant believe this is something people are doing. It really shows you how we are on the same planet but were not on the same planet.

2018-08-22 04:07:26 UTC  

Is it really hard to believe anymore?

2018-08-22 04:07:36 UTC  

Is anything hard to believe anymore?

2018-08-22 04:07:41 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:07:48 UTC  

I'd wager phones themselves are generally ok if introduced in the teenage years. It depends on the content. Snapchat, etc and many apps are cursed in terms of what they promote to the user and the mechanics of the interactions.

2018-08-22 04:07:57 UTC  

But I'm not a parent.

2018-08-22 04:08:14 UTC  

Everytime I think clown world has peaked another small car drives up and 10 more clowns pop out

2018-08-22 04:08:25 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:09:20 UTC  

Phones and technology is something that worries me about being a parent, even though I have a while before I ever really have to worry about it

2018-08-22 04:09:41 UTC  

I just want a simple life. A house in the middle of no-where, some kids and a wife, and some books to read.

2018-08-22 04:09:56 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:10:27 UTC  

I only have the wife currently

2018-08-22 04:11:18 UTC  

@Patient Zero Good start

2018-08-22 04:11:26 UTC  

I figured :p

2018-08-22 04:12:26 UTC  

Trying to get our own place currently, and more secure work.

2018-08-22 04:13:15 UTC  

What do you currently do?

2018-08-22 04:13:32 UTC  

Web design and video editing.

2018-08-22 04:14:02 UTC  

Interesting. For a company or independently?

2018-08-22 04:14:20 UTC  

I work for a guy who does it independantly.

2018-08-22 04:14:46 UTC  

It's like a paid apprenticeship.

2018-08-22 04:15:12 UTC  

Neat. Do you want to continue in this field?

2018-08-22 04:15:54 UTC  

I do. He works from home and most of the time I do to. The money is good and the work is plenty. I'd love to work from home and my wife not have to work.

2018-08-22 04:16:42 UTC  

But you’d like the work to be more “secure.” What would that entail?

2018-08-22 04:17:26 UTC  

Just me knowing what I need to know and having the connections to ensure consistant work.

2018-08-22 04:18:56 UTC  

And If I work at home I can be more active on IE 😃

2018-08-22 04:19:40 UTC  

Interesting. What kind of experience do you have?

2018-08-22 04:19:53 UTC  

In terms of years.

2018-08-22 04:20:26 UTC  

A year or so.

2018-08-22 04:20:40 UTC  

Where did you go to school?

2018-08-22 04:21:13 UTC  

Let me rephrase that. What is your current level of education

2018-08-22 04:22:09 UTC  

Highschool 😃

2018-08-22 04:23:01 UTC  

I've learned everything I know from people who have been doing it for years, for all of my post-highschool jobs. I've done a lot of contracting work.

2018-08-22 04:24:55 UTC  

^Run by a Canadian living in S.A. They’re hiring in U.S. Contracting work.

2018-08-22 04:25:04 UTC  

Good place to look

2018-08-22 04:26:35 UTC  

I'll check this out

2018-08-22 04:27:17 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:28:14 UTC  

Is the site the best way to contact them for work?

2018-08-22 04:32:12 UTC  

I’d call them.

2018-08-22 04:33:11 UTC  

Do some research on LinkedIn first

2018-08-22 04:33:22 UTC  

I'll do that