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2018-08-22 21:04:21 UTC  

“The Fellowship Of the Eye” @Reinhard Wolff

2018-08-22 21:08:28 UTC  

The SD are probably the best option for Sweden right now. But still they are not an ethno nationalist party, they are more of a Tommy Robinson-esque civnat party.

2018-08-22 21:18:43 UTC  

@Virgil That's pretty much ethno nationalists in Swedens eyes. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-08-22 21:24:25 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Unfortunately to some, but the Nordic Resistance Movement are pretty solid guys from what I gather.

2018-08-22 21:30:09 UTC  

Absolutely NRM have a lot of potential but I don't think that France is lost. France today is as white as America was in the 1950's plus it has one of the largest and most robust nationalist/Identitarian movements in Europe.

2018-08-22 21:33:26 UTC  

Yeah, European countries are mostly Whiter than the US, but the US is far larger.

2018-08-22 21:36:20 UTC  

It won't take long for Europe to get mongeralized.

A good portion have already picked up the belief that a country is nothing more than a place of occupance.

They are even closer to nonwhite hordes and there's better means of travel. They could go to a white minority in 30 years.

2018-08-22 21:37:54 UTC  

Hey Everyone Smitty from Boston just joining awaiting second interview. IE has breathed life into me and inspired me. Thank you all who are involved amazing work!!

2018-08-22 21:38:25 UTC  

Welcome to the finest U.S Identitarian organisation around!

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Welcome, @Smitty83!

2018-08-22 21:41:14 UTC  

Just saw you on red Ice. Loved the South American Embassy demonstration! Wow amazing work Brother

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@Smitty83 welcome aboard!

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Thank you

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Thanks Eternal Anglo!

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Hey! How do I get in contact with the TX coordinator? Excited to get this going!

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2018-08-22 22:02:22 UTC  

Murdered by a brown man, still thinks diversity is a strength. <:sad:366743316475281408>

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Welcome aboard @Smitty83 !

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Welcome to the finest group of people you will ever meet @Smitty83 <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-08-22 22:06:02 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff True, I think that the small size of European countries works more in our favor because they can't build infinite suburbs to escape the diversity. They have to face these people directly on a very regular basis.

2018-08-22 22:08:05 UTC  

The brain washing runs so deep that even when a family member is killed people still won't see the problem.

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2018-08-22 22:13:14 UTC  

It's all so tiresome

2018-08-22 22:13:30 UTC  

Womp womp

2018-08-22 22:15:04 UTC  

oof, now thats a hot take @Bjorn - MD

2018-08-22 22:15:14 UTC  

wonder what her last thoughts were...

2018-08-22 22:15:21 UTC  

"atleast im not a racizzzt"

2018-08-22 22:16:58 UTC  

That's not her

2018-08-22 22:17:48 UTC  

That's what antifa uses to mass report YouTube channels and get them deleted

2018-08-22 22:18:08 UTC  

To be fair that just looks like one of the typical cringey things that teenage girls do.

2018-08-22 22:18:34 UTC  

lol what....

2018-08-22 22:18:54 UTC  

This is like the eighth girl whose done this and has been killed by an illegal alien. Why is anyone shocked tbh?

2018-08-22 22:19:13 UTC  

i dont know any teen girls who would talk wear a shirt saying say no to white boys

2018-08-22 22:19:25 UTC  

every girl i knew in highschool would think thats disgusting

2018-08-22 22:19:37 UTC  

You don’t go to a high population shit lib university

2018-08-22 22:19:49 UTC  

College indoctrination goes far beyond high school

2018-08-22 22:19:52 UTC  

There’s so many that do this exact stuff

2018-08-22 22:19:53 UTC  

Jesus Christ that picture