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2018-08-23 01:55:05 UTC  

NYGOP is a massively corrupt political machine

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Whats his twitter though...

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@fgtveassassin Hard to find a custom tie company with that specific design ability, but yeah

2018-08-23 01:55:25 UTC  

"I hate white people"

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Yeah the pattern would be all over the plave when it was untied

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Clifford the Dog is a great book to

2018-08-23 01:56:32 UTC  

Saw a FB post a few minutes ago making her murder a man problem, and not an illegal problem

2018-08-23 01:56:36 UTC  

Always thought Christmas Story is a great movie to illustrate how diversity ruins cities.

2018-08-23 01:56:36 UTC  

@Karl the lord of the rings

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@V.Balboa - PA I've always recommended "The little engine that could" a very esoteric read

2018-08-23 01:56:38 UTC  

Play to win

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@V.Balboa - PA *Big Red Dog", get it right

2018-08-23 01:56:38 UTC  

People in all kinds of bad news stories wish we wouldn't talk about them, but we do 🀷

2018-08-23 01:56:41 UTC  

Look at what Detroit used to be.

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The little Engine that could thats on my reading list πŸ˜ƒ @Nathan_Barker

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<:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744> <:chad:359013583469805568>

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Thanks @Patient Zero I'll remember that

2018-08-23 01:58:42 UTC  

We can’t hate white ethnomasochists, we must focus that anger on fixing the culture that taught them to do so

2018-08-23 01:58:48 UTC  

Cant blame the girl for being brainwashed, she was still one of ours

2018-08-23 01:58:52 UTC  

Amazing that an illegal immigrant kills your cousin and you just double down on the ideology that killed her.

2018-08-23 01:59:02 UTC  

@Droek exactly

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@Deleted User wonder what that guy's thoughts on cops are

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Poor Patrick

2018-08-23 01:59:30 UTC  

Our duty is to save our people whether they want to be saved or not.

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Yes also The Collections of Frog and Toad is a life changer πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-23 01:59:46 UTC  

"A man provides for his family, even if he isn't respected, or appreciated, or even loved."

2018-08-23 01:59:54 UTC  

Great read

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Hook her up with me, @Reinhard Wolff I'll sort her out.

2018-08-23 02:00:27 UTC  

"Camera man"

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Lauren Rose is still available

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How hard is this concept to understand! Lol

2018-08-23 02:01:06 UTC  

"They will learn our peaceful ways, through force" joking of course

2018-08-23 02:01:12 UTC  

yeah those numbers are right

2018-08-23 02:01:23 UTC  

Red Elephants have all those stats in the most recent video.

2018-08-23 02:01:28 UTC  

The left is so lost in clown world that numbers and stats mean nothing to them.

2018-08-23 02:01:36 UTC  

How did mass immigration work out for the Native Americans?