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So much anti-white sentiment in the comments we could link replies all night and the tweet has been up 30 minutes

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@Deleted User the meme potential with that...

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The US could apply same type of pressure that was used to end apartheid

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US investments in SA amount to a few tens of billions of dollars

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you _could_ make a lot of people nervous about supporting a minority-genociding government

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Ok, I've got a first rough draft written. Where do I send it? @Goose

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It's amazing how mentioning the word white warrants this reaction:

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@Deleted User that author is not white btw

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Imagine my shock

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@Johnny B. Populus wow that was quick.
I'd post it in the activism server unless someone else has a better suggestion

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I literally made a Twitter. Followed Trump and then IE. Tried to click on a Tweet and boom, 12 hour suspension.

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no kidding

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these people are deranged

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Good night Everyone

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@ThisIsChris one of our good friends huh?

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Have a great night, friend! @V.Balboa - PA

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Trump tweeting about S. Africa warms my old, hardened heart

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@Conway - OK Our greatest allies for sure

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Probably asleep

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Wow just wow

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@Bjorn - MD and a one way ticket to South Africa lol

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Tucker has done more for our people than most of us could ever hope to

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Without him and Ann Coulter, Trump would most likely never know

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Thoroughly enjoyed this exchange

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@TMatthews in fifty years I hope Tucker will go up as a statue twice as large as these Mandela statues

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that Chris Picciolini is about to get ratio'd _real_ hard

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Here's a rough copy of a letter idea that was in the server a bit ago. It concerns the recent SA Boer Trump post.
Government Official,

President Trump has officially addressed the South African Boer genocide. This is a matter that has been ongoing for many years; South African white Farmers have been slaughtered en masse by the policies enacted by the Mugabe regime. "kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" has been a rallying cry for the indigenous peoples of South Africa. The United States must answer to this atrocity. The Boer has fed South Africa for decades & now they're being shown the appreciation through means of rape and torture and murder and dispossession. You must act & through whichever governmental means, give these honorable people Federal Refugee Status. Not only are they good and Noble people but they are steeped in agricultural skill & experience. The genocide of White people in South Africa must end!

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The Boer arrived before the modern black population in much of the country.

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So I wouldn't even call the Africans indigenous, tbh.

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The rest is great!.

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I think it would help to note that its continued into Ramaphosa's presidency, makes people think its been going on for a long time without having to know Mugabe was president for 30 years and that its a systematic problem ("Wow two presidents in a row are doing this?") @Johnny B. Populus

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Based president ever

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Guys, I got a copy of Epoch Times in the mail...I never signed up for it...I think they got my address from campaign contribution. WHAT IS IT?

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Tucker 👌🏻<:tucker:378724715679711233>

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@Freiheit - CA idk. I got handed a flyer for it at the trump rally for Balderson. They sold it as a "non fake news" alternative