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2017-12-11 00:24:03 UTC  

Have you ever seen the show Alone? It's basically the only decent bushcraft show on tv, but after watching it I made it my goal to be able to start a bowdrill fire even in the rain. No flints, no ferro rods, no steel. Still a work in progress lol

2017-12-11 00:25:51 UTC  

That sounds like quite a chore

2017-12-11 00:26:10 UTC  

I've never seen the show though I don't watch tv

2017-12-11 00:27:06 UTC  

I just watch it online, but it's one of the few tv shows I'd actually recommend. Especially season 1 before they tried to add blacks and women to the participant field. It is funny to see the nig go home before the end of day 1 tho :'^)

2017-12-11 00:29:50 UTC

2017-12-11 00:29:55 UTC  

My BOB packs

2017-12-11 00:30:06 UTC  

I'll get a photo of all I have

2017-12-11 00:31:43 UTC  

@skinfaxi @Váli I used to be good with a bowdrill bit damn it's been awhile. I'll have to get at it again

2017-12-11 00:35:32 UTC  

Is that bottom pack rothco?

2017-12-11 00:53:35 UTC  

@skinfaxi I'll have to look

2017-12-11 01:13:30 UTC  

Anyone ever used a cold steel trail boss axe? Thinking about getting one I've heard good things about them

2017-12-11 01:14:09 UTC  

almost everything by cold steel is really good quality for the price you are paying

2017-12-11 01:14:19 UTC  

But do keep in mind you get what you pay for.

2017-12-11 01:18:20 UTC  

Yeah I figured I can always re-hang it if the handle is shitty which is the only thing I worry about because the steel looks good. Most major manufacturers these days can't hang an axe worth shit unless you are paying out the ads for it. Good thing it's an easy job to do by hand.

2017-12-11 13:02:27 UTC  

lol I actually have that bushcraft book by Canterbury. Not a bad one to be sure

2017-12-11 16:20:57 UTC  

Im buying it soon

2017-12-11 16:21:49 UTC  

Whats it called?

2017-12-11 16:22:18 UTC  

Bushcraft 101 its in <#389320840635875338>

2017-12-11 16:22:34 UTC  

Should i get it?

2017-12-11 16:22:45 UTC  

Amazon seems to think i have endless money

2017-12-11 16:23:04 UTC