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2018-08-24 05:00:14 UTC  

It's not larping if you are actually doing it. <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-08-24 05:00:30 UTC  

Good point

2018-08-24 05:00:40 UTC  

no more calvary sword loicense fee

2018-08-24 05:01:31 UTC  

Good god. Spending a few minutes reading the responses to our Youtube deletion tweet. These are the people we're fighting for?

2018-08-24 05:02:07 UTC  

I'd say they've forfeited their right to call themselves white, so that answers that.

2018-08-24 05:02:11 UTC  

What's your opinion on revelatory/experienced paganism vs. study book recreation paganism? @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-08-24 05:02:45 UTC  

wait, there are book worm pagans? <:really:453005408064241674>

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2018-08-24 05:03:04 UTC  

"don't just talk (read) about it, be about it"

2018-08-24 05:03:08 UTC  

that's big ghey

2018-08-24 05:03:42 UTC  

I've been a practicing Heathen for longer than some of the guys in IE have been alive. 😳

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2018-08-24 05:04:44 UTC  

Gen X...

2018-08-24 05:04:56 UTC  

@JC yeah easy to get frustrated with that sometimes. Smarter people than me say "we're a vanguard, we can't expect everyone to accept our ideas"

2018-08-24 05:04:57 UTC  

I take that back then

2018-08-24 05:06:08 UTC  

I never push my religious views on anyone. That's even bigger ghey than book worm paganism.

2018-08-24 05:06:30 UTC  

Gen x unity. Member when mtv brainwashed us? That was cool...err... evil

2018-08-24 05:07:19 UTC  

The only thing I watched on MTV was Beavis and Butthead...and Headbangers Ball. 🤘🏻

2018-08-24 05:07:28 UTC  

Hell yeah!

2018-08-24 05:07:45 UTC  

Steady decline?

2018-08-24 05:08:29 UTC  

The opening riff...Prong... Steady Decline?

2018-08-24 05:09:08 UTC  

I feel like there's this awkward gap between gen X-ers and millennials. There are many shared experiences, but the fact we grew up with Internet and social media kind of sets us apart in some ways.

2018-08-24 05:10:18 UTC  

It does. But if the interwebs ever fails we remember how to do stuff without it. Well, barely, but still.

2018-08-24 05:12:23 UTC  

But I know what you mean, I have often thought the same thing. Nonetheless I still make an effort to get some of the dynamics of the way millennials communicate and language and stuff, I think a lot of it is cool.

2018-08-24 05:12:38 UTC  

Eh, I've been on the internet since like early high school, and had a computer long before that.

2018-08-24 05:12:59 UTC  

So it's not like Gen X'ers are complete web retards.

2018-08-24 05:13:01 UTC  

At least not me.

2018-08-24 05:13:05 UTC  

Of course

2018-08-24 05:13:10 UTC  

I just started college when internet came

2018-08-24 05:13:25 UTC  

I'm glad I didn't grow up with the internet and smart phones and all that.

2018-08-24 05:13:31 UTC  

I had to go out irl and play with real kids.

2018-08-24 05:13:43 UTC  

And get real sunlight.

2018-08-24 05:13:57 UTC  

without my face buried in that stupid device 24/7

2018-08-24 05:14:18 UTC  

My nephew (13) just sits on the couch playing on his ipad all the time.

2018-08-24 05:14:39 UTC  

I played outside, rode bikes, skateboarded, etc.

2018-08-24 05:15:20 UTC  

@FACINEMA refrain from echoing.

2018-08-24 05:17:40 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD you have Woden statue? Make offerings?

2018-08-24 05:18:30 UTC  

My house didn't have a computer till I was 12, so most of my childhood was pretty normal. I had how often my little sister is online though. I'm glad she has sports to tether her to real friends

2018-08-24 05:20:54 UTC  

Cell phones changed alot about the world too. It's very different now. Before when your friend wasn't home you'd just have to drive around and hope you find them.