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2018-08-24 21:01:26 UTC  

Not sure if anyone posted this:

2018-08-24 21:01:34 UTC  

IE mentioned

2018-08-24 21:13:14 UTC  
2018-08-24 21:15:34 UTC  

> Trump joins Gab
> Trump leaves Twitter
> Twitter fails within the year.

2018-08-24 21:18:35 UTC  

I would just like to say, IE was early on getting the word out about the Boer, and I am proud to have been a part of that action.
Now that Trump has talked about it, the media had no choice but to respond and...once their anti-white bias and show zero regard for the lives of the South African whites.

2018-08-24 21:25:31 UTC  

So it appears Gab is already growing by 10k users a day, which is phenomenal if you ask me

2018-08-24 21:31:04 UTC  

Problem with Gab is that it can still be taken down by international finance

2018-08-24 21:31:33 UTC  

Not to mention it's an echo chamber

2018-08-24 21:32:32 UTC  

Gab cannot make money without a payment processor

2018-08-24 21:32:50 UTC  

Aren't they working on their own crypto currency or something?

2018-08-24 21:33:08 UTC  

Also, Gab is only an echo chamber because the left has kicked the right off all their social media platforms.

2018-08-24 21:33:16 UTC  

We don't want to be in an echo chamber...they do.

2018-08-24 21:33:47 UTC  

We would all be on Twitter with the crazy commie left, but they won't let us.

2018-08-24 21:33:58 UTC  

oh yeah i agree, they want to be one, bc they know if other whites here our aurguments then they will agree with us eventually

2018-08-24 21:34:14 UTC  

they silence us because they fear us

2018-08-24 21:34:24 UTC  

they know our ideas are the future

2018-08-24 21:35:37 UTC  

Hell yeah bro!

2018-08-24 21:40:01 UTC  

If they pass a law saying that political ideas are protected speech in public spaces like social media then i think we are good

2018-08-24 21:40:20 UTC  

thats got to be the future

2018-08-24 21:41:03 UTC  

i really hope they push for an internet bill of rights, and not making them public utilities.

2018-08-24 21:41:23 UTC  

i don't want the govt in anymore than they already are

2018-08-24 21:42:18 UTC  

i dont even care if they combine it with net neutrality as long as the big tech is included.... no "nazi" has even been denied power from the power company.

2018-08-24 21:44:24 UTC  

i think whatever law they consider has to include payment processsors and domain names

2018-08-24 21:44:42 UTC  

paypal shouldnt be able to discriminate based on politics

2018-08-24 21:48:55 UTC  

may not even need to be a law, but just done through the courts

2018-08-24 21:49:55 UTC  

if we keep getting favorable decisions by the courts regarding social media and internet issues then that lays the legal groundwork

2018-08-24 22:01:34 UTC  

@Nemets the south African server was a public one.

2018-08-24 22:03:13 UTC  

@Nemets Since that guy didn't leak our logs when he dropped his story, I seriously doubt he even has them

2018-08-24 22:05:55 UTC  

@John O - I imagine that since he was paid to publish the article for a business, essentially - he is kept from leaking, for fear of lawsuit

2018-08-24 22:06:16 UTC  

Same reason he changed the people's names that he wrote about.

2018-08-24 22:09:44 UTC  

Oh, that's right, his lawyer warned him about the serious legal repercussions. No matter what, I think everyone here is solidly in the clear, especially with the strict culture that gets promoted here

2018-08-24 22:21:14 UTC  

Anyone know a/some good news app(s) I can get on my phone?

2018-08-24 22:22:01 UTC  

Drudge Report is what I use

2018-08-24 22:22:30 UTC  

Oh, I didn't know they had one

2018-08-24 22:29:39 UTC  


2018-08-24 22:30:38 UTC  

An actual real life family member of a bona fide terrorist now has a good chance of becoming a member of U.S. Congress, representing...California. _Can't make this up._

2018-08-24 22:44:51 UTC  

"They aren't sending their best." ~ Trump

2018-08-24 22:59:30 UTC  

And like clockwork the media begins its campaign in support of the South African government . Starting off with TYTat the absolute bottom of the barrel

2018-08-24 23:01:29 UTC  

oh look, a brown person supporting an anti-white government. <:really:453005408064241674>